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Commoditising Children: The link between exclusion and social ills as reported by Barnardo’s

One of the by products of the move to academisation in England has been the growth in the number of students at risk of, or experiencing exclusion.

Prior to the rush to the marketisation of education that academisation represents, local authorities had a statutory duty to ensure that students experienced continuity of educational provision. They still have that responsibility, but now they operate, not with their own schools, but with different multiple academy chains.

As the OFSTED Chief Inspector has noted, many academy chains are all too willing to use administrative procedures such as ‘Off-rolling’ to cleanse the school pupil roll of pupils who may not add to their ‘value added’ figures, or may compromise the academy’s reputation.

Between off-rolling and exclusion, many schools are dissociating themselves from students who may have learning or behavioural support needs.

This report from Barnardo’s CEO Javed Khan outlines this accelerating trend and the social ills that are associated with it:
School exclusions are at the heart of some of society’s greatest problems | Barnardo’s

The article originally appeared on the Telegraph website:
School exclusions are at the heart of some of society’s greatest problems. We must do more to help every child succeed | Telegraph

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