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Revision: The Acquisition, Retention and Recall of Information For Examinations

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Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most insightful.

This one came via Jon Tait on Linked In and he recognised something I noticed when students are revising. Often they spend a lot of time making learning resources, but not enough time using them to help the actual memorisation, retention and retrieval process.

Having to think creatively about the production of the cards is valuable in itself, but this process led approach will help the effectiveness of revision.

However, without factoring in the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, the effectiveness of your revision will be compromised.

The same process can be applied to computer applications, particularly the use of PowerPoint slides.

This post of Jon’s struck a chord with me today as I’ve just finished the proof reading of my new book about precisely these processes… it will be available early in 2020.

Re-Examining Success cover


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