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New Article on Future Proofing Your School in pDT Journal 21.1


In a rather bleak Christmas period, it was a treat yesterday to be contacted by Graham Handscomb, the editor of pDT (Professional Development Today), to say that my polemical article on Future Proofing CPD in Schools, and why we need to re-calibrate what we do and how we do it, has been published.

I’m a great fan of pDT. It always strikes the right balance between being an academic journal of note and a source of practical support for sustainable school improvement.

Many academic journals are so focussed on the purity of the research methodologies that the articles are only of interest to a small and closed group of individuals. I recently read an article in a learned educational journal about the early years linguistic experience of people who went on to be school librarians. As a piece of pure research it was unimpeachable, however the subject was so arcane as to be of no practical use to anyone in a school setting, except the school librarian!

pDT brings research methodology and the practicality of implementation in a school context together. Many of the articles are the direct research of teacher practitioners based on data generated from their own reflection and implementation of strategies they have developed. Then there is me with my polemical view of how things could be with new attitudes.  This practical and research focussed strand is true across the whole range of magazines published by Teaching Times.

I hope that if you subscribe to pDT, you get to read my article. If you are not currently subscribed, I’d encourage you to subscribe for a rich seam of practical and theoretical approaches to improving your school in sustainable ways.

In my article, I argue for a recalibration of INSET activities to be more focussed, reflective and developmental of teaching and earning practice across the school. I show how CPD can be more rationally developed to support learner outcomes and how this can be used as the basis for accreditation activities and blended learning solutions. The article is a digest of some of the ideas put forward in Future Proof Your School. future proof cover

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