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Tomatis: Linking Sound Processing and Learning

I have become very interested in the work of Charlotte Davies in the field of Tomatis research.

It is only in the last year that this significant aspect of learning development has registered with me, from the posts of Charlotte, and in conversation with my colleague Kevin Hewitson, who has undergone a Tomatis assessment of his hearing, which produced some very insightful results for him.

The basic principles of Tomatis analysis were developed by Alfred Tomatis. He developed a link between hearing and trauma which could have a profound impact on subsequent learning effectiveness.

The Tomatis® Method is a natural approach to neurosensory stimulation. Its listening programs change the music and voice in real time in order to capture the brain’s attention and to develop motor, emotional and cognitive skills. Developed by the French Doctor and Researcher, Alfred Tomatis, the Tomatis® Method relies on an advanced technology and the excellence of its trained professionals on how to use it.  In short | How Tomatis Method works

source: Fit2Learn

The analysis of hearing produces a table of results like the one shown above. It makes a link between hearing range ability and subsequent compromised learning effectiveness.

I’d be interested in hearing from anyone with experience of the work and impact of Alfred Tomatis.

You can read more about Charlotte Davies at her Fit2Learn website.

Further reading: The Physiological Affects of Trauma and the Benefits of Tomatis-Based Sound Stimulation


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