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Coronavirus: The School of Mum and Dad | BBC News

There are plenty of online resources to help children keep learning while schools are closed. Source: Coronavirus: The school of Mum and Dad | BBC News

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Thought For The Day: Be Diligent

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Coronavirus and Online Learning in Schools: An Appeal for Case Studies

The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has few positive aspects about it. However, it could be argued that, in a matter of weeks, school use of online learning has moved … Continue reading

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Reversal: A New Thinking Tool for Problem-Solving and Designing Solutions

I’m always keen to promote new techniques in thinking skills, so this presentation put up by David Hall, Founder of the Ideas Centre, really rang my bell as a useful … Continue reading

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4 Tips for Teachers Shifting to Teaching Online | Edutopia

An educator with experience in distance learning shares what he’s learned: Keep it simple, and build in as much contact as possible. The coronavirus has caused widespread school closures for … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Purpose of Learning by Jeannie Fulbright

Jeannie Fulbright knew a thing or two about learning.

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Learning Arches – a structured way to design online learning content quickly and consistently

This is a significant article for educators trying to quickly develop significant amounts of online learning to keep students supported with quality resources… click the link on the name to … Continue reading

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A Society That Gives Up on Reading Gives Up on Culture and Decent Values

This from The Guardian regarding the 800 libraries that have closed in the UK since 2010 when the Tory government came to power… An annual survey shows sharp cuts to … Continue reading

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Reading in a time of crisis…

Amidst a week of global uncertainty, one positive note for me … both my education based books are in the best sellers list: Future Proof Your School on Amazon, particularly … Continue reading

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Coronavirus and Your Children

Perhaps the nearest parallels to the fear engendered by the Coronavirus I experienced as a child where the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Aberfan Tragedy. I was very young on … Continue reading

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Teachers and Existential Problem Solving

Teachers all over the world will be tackling and solving the problem of how education can continue during the Coronavirus pandemic… Source: Ken Buck on LinkedIn

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During Coronavirus, a Teacher Describes the Scramble to Go Digital | Edutopia

In Bergen County, New Jersey, just outside New York City, a school closure pushes teachers to confront the challenges of online learning. At the end of school two days ago, I … Continue reading

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Prompting Improvements

Sound advice for young people… concentrate on the HOW and not the WHAT of learning.

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Thought For The Day: The Road to Success

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Language apps: Can phones replace classrooms? | BBC News

With a boom in Japanese ahead of the Rugby World Cup, can apps offer more spontaneity and freedom? Read more here: Language apps: Can phones replace classrooms? | BBC News

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New Learning Paradigms from Charles Sosnik

An interesting article from Charles Sosnik from California, who demonstrates the way forward for learning seems to be coalescing internationally in independent learning. Learning is becoming consumerized. There is actually … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Happiness, Inner Peace, Health and Kindness

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School-based teacher-led educational research: how to get started

I’ve often been surprised at how reluctant senior leaders are in schools to engage in a little academic research to improve the provision in their schools and address the ‘in-house’ … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Something to Think About…

Thanks to Sharon Domine for sharing this on LinkedIn.

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International Learning Collaborations: What Can Be Achieved?

I’m generally a little sceptical of the potential of information and educational technologies to bring about decisive improvements in learning. My position has been forged over many years working with … Continue reading

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A Neuroscience Game-Changer: Connectivity Issues and Learning Difficulties

  I’ve spoken before about the disconnect between neuroscience research, with its complexity and nuance, and practical guidance for educators. A new report on the source of learning difficulties has … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Booker T Washington on Humanity

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Questions, Questions, Questions… Why Schools Are Killing Creativity

This is a very reflective piece from Wendy Berliner, brought to my attention by Charlotte Davies, which recalls some research from 2007 about children asking questions. The intensity with which … Continue reading

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Happy International Woman’s Day!

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Recognising the Obvious in Reading!

When the curriculum is one dominated by knowledge transmission, an inordinate stress is placed on the literacy levels generally and the reading level in particular of pupils. This is so … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: Keep it simple, stick to facts – how parents should tell kids | BBC News

Keep the message calm, understandable and try not to overemphasise the risks, experts suggest. Read the full article here: Coronavirus: Keep it simple, stick to facts – how parents should … Continue reading

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