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How Teachers Can Prioritize Self-Care While Working From Home | Edutopia

Teachers adjusting to teaching from home while schools are closed may need to work out new routines to stay grounded.

Tending to our personal health seems important but also really difficult in situations like the current pandemic, when our time feels consumed with urgent work issues. We may feel that if we don’t get a task done, our students will suffer or programs will fail. However, if we become mentally exhausted, overtired, or drained of energy, we risk a complete shutdown mentally or physically—and at that point, no tasks will get done.

Fortunately, there are many ways that we can take care of ourselves so that we can meet the needs of others from home. The following are my suggestions for personal care and sharing with others. They are just suggestions: The most important thing is to think about the three areas—physical, mental, and social care—and do what works best for you and what you know you’ll be able to do regularly.

Read the full article by John McCarthy here: How Teachers Can Prioritize Self-Care While Working From Home | Edutopia


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