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New Studies Link the Arts to Crucial Cognitive Skills | Edutopia

I’ve often promoted STEM-based activities through the blog and I believe they have a vital role to play in encouraging more active and experimental thinking and experiential learning in schools.

However, I’m also aware that the promoters of STEM-based projects, given their industrial base, often have deep pockets and their dominance can often act to marginalise other subject areas that are equally important in the development of the pupil, not least the Arts.

By way of a compensatory view, I’m happy to share this article and video from our colleagues at Edutopia, which makes a passionate and metacognitive pitch for recognising the importance of the arts to learning development in and beyond schools, based on recent studies…

What happens to our brains ‘on art’? New studies – often backed by brain imaging technology – are beginning to dial in on the answers…

Read more: New Studies Link the Arts to Crucial Cognitive Skills | Edutopia

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