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Training teachers to shine on Parent Evenings

Be somebody who makes everybody else feel like a somebody.

Are your teachers trained to build positive relationships with parents at parent evenings?

I’ve always been amazed that teachers are so poor at managing relationships on parents evening. For me it was the same strategy that I remember my best teachers adopting with my parents… Shake hands and immediately say something positive about their child, which may or may not have anything to do with their academic progress. Let them know that you recognise their child as an individual and respected them, before reviewing their progress.

In several schools, I’ve seen teachers barely raise their head from their mark book/laptop when addressing parents and go on to give a completely deficit driven analysis of their progress. They give the impression that they know them only as a poor mark, and not as a person.  This sets an incredibly bad precedent for developing a future relationship.

Training teachers for Parents’ Evening needs to be a fundamental part of induction and CPD activities of a school which is culturally aware and planning for success.

Read more at: Re-Examining Success by David Hughes


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