The Learning Renaissance

Appreciating Autism and the Spectrum

I’ve always had difficulty explaining many ideas in terms of a line which ends as a pair of poles. Life, history and autism is usually more complicated than that. I’ve … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Sir Ken Robinson: the Challenge and Opportunities of a New Curriculum and Assessment Model

The sad death of Sir Ken Robinson brings the end to the good-natured and robust thinking about how the future of education might be built. Sir Ken not only defined … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Resolutions For Learning

I am indebted to Sharon Dominie for this insight into learning. We seem to live in a world in which we are less tolerant of others, of difference, of humanity. … Continue reading

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3 Lessons on Classroom Management Learned as a New Teacher | Edutopia

Many new teachers are told they need to be more strict, but that may not be the best advice for everyone. I remember well the challenge of being a new teacher … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: One Race, Many Aspects

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Thought For The Day: Sir Ken Robinson’s Challenge

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Finland – Showing the Way With a Subject-Less Curriculum

The idea that a curriculum can be constructed around subject knowledge has always been suspect… who decides which content and does the content reflect contemporary needs or historic antecedents? As … Continue reading

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Sir Ken Robinson – a man who refused to see human potential wasted and had faith in the creativity of us all

I’ve been shocked to hear of the death of the staunchest advocate of creativity and human potential that is Sir Ken Robinson. I tend to be iconoclastic – show me … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: CPD

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The Ideal Primer for the New University Student: Resolution by Ambrose Conway

What is life at University really like? A question on the lips of all those looking to embark on the new adventure of leaving home and starting their university career. … Continue reading

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Ways to Make Teaching a More Sustainable Profession | Edutopia

Tips for school leaders seeking to foster an environment that supports, engages, and motivates teachers. With each day that I work with teachers, I am more convinced that it is vital … Continue reading

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The Value of Play Before Formal Education Starts

One of the great joys of being involved in the future of learning is that you come across a large number of well-informed and passionate people who are in possession … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: No Such Thing as Race

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Thought For The Day: Stand Up

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How White Teachers Can Support BIPOC Colleagues | Edutopia

Many educators have, in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, been introduced to the concept of culturally responsive teaching (CRT) and to authors such as Geneva Gay—who coined … Continue reading

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The Things I Can Control and Can’t Control FREE Poster!

Get a free download of this poster created by WholeHearted School Counseling here at (registration required)

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Thought For The Day: Dave Grohl on Teachers

  My sons have met Dave Grohl and said he was as kind and pleasant as this post makes him out to be.  

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Back to School Checklist for Teachers | ThoughtCo

Prepare for the new school year with a back-to-school checklist. This comprehensive list will help you get ready for your elementary school class. Preparing your classroom for the new school … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Magnets of Curiosity

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One Word to Drop From Your Teacher Vocabulary | Edutopia

Easy. It is a common word in education. Often, teachers will ask if the class wants the easy quiz or the hard quiz. They’ll give the option for an easy … Continue reading

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