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Coronavirus anxiety: how to protect our children | BBC Bitesize

Help your children to avoid picking up on your own anxiety around coronavirus and accompanying measures. These anxious times are not getting any easier. We got through lockdown, working from … Continue reading

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An Insult For All Seasons… (Updated) Thou mangled dizzy-eyed measle!

We live in cantankerous times and the moral turpitude of our age leaves us short of effective insults. This can lead to the slovenly use of the usual profanities. Never … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Never Be Fearful

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An Anti-racist Roadmap for Discussing Tough Topics in Classes | Edutopia

This long-term strategy for guiding conversations on topics like racism requires prep work to ensure that the classroom is truly inclusive of all students. Dr Ibram Kendi, founder of the … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Educating Girls… Why it Matters

We cannot afford to waste the talents of girls – let’s not let social, religious or cultural bias deny them the education they deserve. Anything less is a betrayal of … Continue reading

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Good to be supporting Arbor Education’s online conference with a blog post on future learning…

Like many, I seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time at my desk recently. The latest conference I was due to attend as a speaker has been reconstituted as … Continue reading

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Towards a New Curriculum… Challenging Hierarchies of Subject

A major misalignment between the curriculum on offer and the curriculum required to support the development of 21st-century learners is the assumed hierarchy of subjects. Where the curriculum is expressed … Continue reading

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Response Decision-Making

When dealing with children in classroom situations, there is often a determination to be decisive rather than fair or proportionate. Anything therefore which gives pause for thought and a structure … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Liberating Minds

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Six key events in black history you may not know about | BBC Bitesize

The Bristol bus boycott, the killing of Emmett Till and other events you may not have heard about. Find out more here: Six key events in black history you may … Continue reading

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Music collaboration across two continents… technology promoting cultural education!

Good to see my friend Phil Rooke receiving some recognition for his musical collaboration across two continents… we should be doing more of this. Working between schools in Australia and … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Courage and Hope

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The Use of Art to Interpret History

National educational systems use the teaching of the subject of history as a narrative format to celebrate and reinforce what are seen to be key cultural or national aspects of … Continue reading

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Examination Revision: End of Learning Event, or Development Process?

You may think this is an inopportune time to be talking about examination revision, but that depends whether you view it as an end of learning event or a development … Continue reading

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Structural Racism in Education | ERASE Racism

Download a pdf of this and other useful infographics here: Teaching Tools | ERASE Racism

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Thought For The Day: A Model for Others

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Five contemporary books, TV series and films that talk about racial inequality | BBC Bitesize

If you want to educate yourself on racism and why the Black Lives Matter movement has resonated with so many, here are some books, films and tv shows to check … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Starless Midnight of Racism

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There Is Nothing Fragile About Racism | Education Week

Labelling whiteness as “weak” does not reflect the racial terror people of color feel, writes Bettina L Love. If anti-racism is going to be more than a slogan, then white … Continue reading

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Young Reporter Competition | BBC Teach

Details of the BBC Young Reporter Competition and how to enter for 2020/21 Source: Young Reporter Competition | BBC Teach

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With Stress in Schools Increasing, Simple Strategies to Stay Calm | Edutopia

In North Carolina, a program offers ‘rapid resets’ to help teachers and students calm their minds and bodies and get back to learning. The simple techniques, called rapid resets, are … Continue reading

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Coping with Mental Health Challenges During COVID-19 | SpringerLink

The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 is a global challenge which resulted in significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. It has also adversely affected the economy and social integrity. There is rising … Continue reading

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Tips for looking after your mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic | The Skill Collective

In these unprecedented times we find ourselves facing a new reality. Changes to work, study, financial situation, social networks – these can all breed loneliness and anxiety. So how we … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: How To Make Your Dreams Come True

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How to Increase The Odds of Reaching Your Goals by 95%

Achieving anything in life takes practice. Writing every day, working out, eating healthy, etc. are practices that get better with time. Whether you want to change your habits, health, body, … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Inspiration of Teachers…

I’ve said this before, but one of the only reasons I’m a writer is because I had a teacher in 3rd grade who looked at my poem about clouds & … Continue reading

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The Vital Importance of Play in Learning

Pirjo Suhonen and I have had a number of online conversations about effective learning and she is my ‘go-to’ educationalist for insights into Finnish education. One of our areas of … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of Teachers | BBC Sounds

Step inside Mehreen Baig’s virtual staffroom to hear what the UK’s teachers really think. Listen in to a weekly discussion about what life is like behind the school gates. Listen … Continue reading

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Happy World Teacher’s Day!

From Google for Education: This World Teachers’ Day, we are celebrating everyone helping to keep students learning—whether in a classroom, at home, or somewhere in between.

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How to burst your online ‘filter bubble’ | BBC Bitesize

Find out how fake news can often be spread more easily in a filtered social media feed. Radzi Chinyanganya from BBC My World looks at who decides what makes the news, from … Continue reading

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