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Thought For The Day: Positive Action

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Student Agency and the Implications

When a curriculum comprehensively defines what, when and how learning will take place, it takes away initiative from the learner. Such a curriculum has building blocks of knowledge, which may … Continue reading

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Bereavement Counselling in Schools

A thoughtful question from Daniel Sobel on LinkedIn: Do our schools need more training in how to support children and families in bereavement? The first reply was a plaintive cry, … Continue reading

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Ways to Look After Your Mental Health | Simon’s Cat

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Thought For The Day: Great Teachers

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Helpful Remote Teaching Tips and Resources for Teachers | ETML

One of the key questions that faces you as you make your transition to online education is that of resources. In order to make the best of your online teaching/learning … Continue reading

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How to Make Teaching Online Feel Less Isolating for Teachers | Edutopia

Working from home can be tough for educators who feed off the energy of their students and coworkers, but there are ways to feel more connected. “Educators are overstressed, underpaid, and student caseloads … Continue reading

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Breaking the Myths of Online Learning | TESOL

Despite becoming more and more popular in recent years, there is still a certain stigma attached to online learning. Even in this digital age; the idea that face to face … Continue reading

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A World Class STEM Challenge for your pupils … but you need to move quickly!

It has been very gratifying to see that despite the present difficulties in learning in the Coronavirus pandemic, so many schools are determined to bring their pupils the very best … Continue reading

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The Covid Toll on Childrens’ Lives…

Speaking with a number of parents recently, they all reported that their children were becoming increasingly morose and disheartened by the experience of Covid 19. The breakdown of routines and … Continue reading

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If you are feeling frustrated by the current uncertainty… welcome to autism world!

The coronavirus has brought with it an age of uncertainty. A time when no plan, arrangement or appointment may survive the chaos associated with the virus. This uncertainty is the … Continue reading

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Tools for Social and Emotional Development in Online Learning | Edutopia

A school counselor offers suggestions for character education and social and emotional learning during remote instruction. Also important is encouraging students to understand how their behaviors impact the feelings of … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Our Job

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The Problem with the Education System

This short cartoon originally came appended to an article on examinations. I thought it was profound enough to merit a place of its own as a statement about the root … Continue reading

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A Guide to Teaching Writing During Distance Learning With Minecraft | Edutopia

Using the popular game in station rotation activities during distance learning is a way to bring an element of play and collaboration to writing assignments. Source: A Guide to Teaching … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: That Problem Child…

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Enrol your school to be part of a world-class STEM experiment design project in association with NASA and have your experiment flown to the International Space Station

As well as authoring books on future learning, one of my great joys has been to work with ISSET to inspire young people to world on world-class collaborations with NASA. … Continue reading

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Change the Assessment, Change the Engagement

It used to strike me when I was first introduced to transactional analysis that assessment regimes operated in a similar way. Classic transactional analysis operates in three states in a … Continue reading

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Scotland becomes first part of UK to ban smacking | BBC News

  Scotland’s ban on parents smacking their children has become law, making it the first part of the UK to outlaw physical punishment of under-16s. Parents and carers were previously … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Infuse Your Middle or High School Curriculum With Hope | Edutopia

Young people dealing with the effects of the pandemic can be encouraged through lessons that inspire resilience. It really stinks right now to be a teen. So I would argue … Continue reading

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A View to the Future: Sub-10

Good to see my old friend and colleague Peter Stephenson has found his groove with his company SUB 10. Turning ‘have to’ to want to’ sounds good to me! …our … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Fear of Change?

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Teacher Professional Development: an Event or a Process?

I’m old enough to remember the introduction of the 1988 Education Reform Act in the UK. If was the stifling of creativity in UK schools and introduced many elements in … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Roots

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