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Visible Learning Could End Exams

I found this article from Eduwells very interesting in moving the debate about the nature of learning forward. It puts forward a model for how the idea of the terminal examination as the arbiter of learning achievement could be replaced by a more comprehensive and open system.

One of the only positives of the Coronavirus pandemic has been the urgent need to address the issue of assessment when learning has been interrupted.  Ideas that would have taken a generation to be accepted have been pushed through as contingencies in the crisis, with, no doubt, the idea that the ‘old normal’ would be restored at a convenient point in the future. I’m not sure that is going to be, nor should be the case, given all the trauma staff and students have gone through – they deserve better, and maybe this approach is one way in which they can be served…

Visible Learning could end Exams!

Don’t forget to watch the cartoon by Toby Morris on the redundancy of examinations at the end of the article.

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