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Maths problems of the week | BBC Bitesize

These problems gradually get more difficult as you move through the quiz, so don’t worry if you get stuck. Why not try getting your family involved? Find them here: Maths … Continue reading

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Did You Know? Marking Black History Month(s)

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in US history. Since 1976, every US president has officially … Continue reading

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Soundscapes for Wellbeing | Canvas

A BBC collaboration bringing virtual soundscapes of nature and of music directly to audiences: Soundscapes for Wellbeing | Canvas

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Parents’ Toolkit | BBC Bitesize

Resources hand-picked by BBC Bitesize: Parents’ Toolkit | BBC Bitesize

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Five ways to manage your wellbeing as a parent during lockdown | BBC Bitesize

Advice for parents on how to look after their mental health alongside their other responsibilities and anxieties during this difficult time. Visit the BBC website to find out more: Five … Continue reading

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Your Mental Health Toolkit | BBC Headroom

Whether it is everyday tips, sounds to relax your mind, strategies to cope with parenting right now or films to get you talking, the BBC offers help for you to … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Everybody is a Genius

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How to Spark Engagement in Maths With Pictures | Edutopia

A popular strategy, using pictures in math class gives students another way to access math concepts and can spark great conversations. ….our students can get excited about math with pictures … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Maya Angelou on American History

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How to Promote Relationships When Students Aren’t Together | Edutopia

Community building in school happens best when everyone is together in person, or in remote classes during live synchronous sessions. Yet over this past year, a large number of my … Continue reading

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FREE access during lockdown 2021 | imoves

Get everything you need to maximise active learning during lockdown with ready-made, easy to share resources! Get free access to imoves during 2021 lockdown – CLICK HERE to sign up!

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Thought For The Day: You Don’t Have to be Perfect

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How to Set Up a School Science Fair During the Pandemic | Edutopia

Last year we brainstormed together, writing ideas like these on sticky notes in the classroom. This year, we’ll use Padlet or so that both in-person and remote students can … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Change Management

Source: Tony Farias, via Slideshare

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Top tips for understanding your teenager in the ‘new normal’ | BBC Bitesize

Teenager behaviour can be unpredictable and difficult to understand for parents. The additional stress caused by the pandemic may make emotional states even more extreme or in some cases may … Continue reading

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NEW! Teach Me A Lesson with Greg James and Bella Mackie | BBC Podcasts

Greg James and Bella Mackie learn fascinating and fun lessons from Britain’s most inspiring teachers. Expect all-killer no-filler syllabus, lots of laughs and no homework. Download or listen via BBC … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Repetition

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8 Quick Formative Assessment Strategies to Check for Understanding | Edutopia

Using formative assessments designed to check for understanding and provide students with feedback and support is one of the most effective ways to improve and enhance student learning. Yet because … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Learn How to Dance

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Beyond STEM…Creativity

The headlong rush to promote STEM activities as the foundation of learning has had a detrimental effect on other areas of the curriculum, not least creativity. I’m not saying there … Continue reading

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Toxic Positivity… Don’t Be That Person!

Whilst we at the Learning Renaissance generally maintain a positive attitude to the direction of education, and life in general, we sometimes despair of glib and manufactured positivity. Personally, I … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Plant Seeds

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Play-Based Activities That Build Preschool Students’ Reading Readiness | Edutopia

Preschool teachers can use these activities to promote six early reading skills even as the kids enjoy themselves. Read the article here: Play-Based Activities That Build Preschool Students’ Reading Readiness … Continue reading

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Learning We Need – The Case for Rigorous Project-Based Learning – A Special Event | Edutopia

In a world filled with challenges, students who enthusiastically tackle problems and design solutions are needed. Project-based learning is a proven way to engage young people in authentic, relevant, and … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Identity Theft in Education

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Covid: The devastating toll of the pandemic on children | BBC News

They are not likely to get seriously ill with Covid and there have been very few deaths. But children are still the victims of the virus – and our response … Continue reading

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