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How to Be a Warm Demander During the Pandemic | Edutopia

The concept of being a “warm demander” has been held as an ideal approach for educators to adopt, especially as they pursue more equitable practices in education. Balancing warmth and demandingness is a perennial challenge in education, and it’s even more challenging in this pandemic.

Zaretta Hammond, writing in Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain, defines a warm demander as “a teacher who communicates personal warmth toward students while at the same time demands they work toward high standards. The teacher provides concrete guidance and support for meeting the standards, particularly corrective feedback, opportunities for information processing, and culturally relevant meaning making.”

Certainly, this is an ideal to which to aspire. But how, especially now during a pandemic? Educators must ensure that they can meet the warm component before being a demander and need to reconsider what exactly they’re demanding. Being a warm demander will look different in these times, and educators must take a critical and reflective look at what that means for their students. Administrators must take this to heart, too, and lead the way.

Read more in the article by Chris Kubic: How to Be a Warm Demander During the Pandemic | Edutopia

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