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The School Mission Statement…

The school mission statement…. a bold outline of the key drivers of the school culture… or is it?

Much depends on who contributed and how it is written. If it is a top-down mantra developed for public consumption by the head and governors then it will have a particular organisational and aspirational bias. If it has a collaborative emphasis and is honed from the experience of staff then there will be a greater commitment by the staff to adhering to the principles outlined.

A key differentiator in exploring the quality of the mission statement is the position of young people in the document – are they the subject of the statement, front and centre of all aspirations, or are they at the end of the line of production, the object to be shaped and moulded. by the educational process.

Of course the best mission statements are guided by the young people. You cannot expect to advocate resourceful, resilient and independent and autonomous learners in the statement and then deny them the opportunity to influence the development of the organisation!

Many consider the mission statement to be set in stone as the guiding principles of the school, but this misses the fluidity of the context and priorities that a school faces and the new opportunities and changes in emphasis required in our fast moving society.

Time to set a review date for your mission statement. The example above, from Wyndham School, provides food for thought.

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