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A Template for Emotional Intelligent Working in a Social Setting

In a social setting, how we conduct ourselves will determine the quality of society we enjoy. Likewise, the culture of a social organisation like a school can support individuals to act in socially responsible ways to moderate conflict and enhance positivity and social progress…

This useful insight into moving from a rushed reaction and an appropriate response is from Amy Tran (@doodledwellness), via Michael McKnight.

trigger-response @doodledwellness

source: @doodledwellness

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I'm convinced we can, as a species, do much better than this if we set our minds to being much more positive and productive towards our fellow humans. The solution is learning - creating independent and autonomous learners who can problem solve, innovate and create a better more equitable and sustainable world. My books, Future Proof Your School and Re-Examining Success together with this blog, explore how better learning outcomes for all can be achieved.

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