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Music Learning: the Work of Phil Rooke

flipped music learning emily

Phil Rooke has been a friend for a number of years now. He brings passion, ingenuity and collaboration to all his work with young people. He has recently begun pulling together a significant music education programme into a series of publications called Flipped Music, of which the Violin forms the first edition.

Having seen the impact of Phil’s work in his native Australia, and in collaborations with schools in Kenya, I can commend this publication and his wider approach to the creative arts as a major step forward in sustainable learning in music education which puts student motivation at the heart of the learning process.

You can access free resources here: String Theory – Violin Book 1 | Flipped Music Learning

Find out more on the website: The Music School in your pocket | Flipped Music

flipped music violin

You can also purchase the first two Violin books here:

Flipped Music – Violin Book 1 | Apple Books

Flipped Music – Violin Book 2 | Apple Books
(please note that Apple Books require the Apple Books App – you will need a Macbook or iPad to access Apple Books.)

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