The Learning Renaissance

Behaviours Which Give Opportunities for Personal Growth

Challenging behaviour… the very term is corrosive of the learning environment.

Challenging behaviour assumes that the is a central purpose and a pedagogical style in which the teacher is the paramount individual in a classroom setting as he or she is the fount of knowledge and the conduit through which learning is controlled, rewarded or punished.

Consequently, any child who has brought other emotions to the classroom is a threat to this status quo. Being more accommodating and recognising that we all are experiencing life with its ups and downs, can make us all more sensitive and therefore more effective learners. Backing this up is a recent finding among employees that the quality they most admired in their boss, and a critical factor in effective leadership was empathy.
all feelings are welcome

source: WonderPrintsCo

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I'm convinced we can, as a species, do much better than this if we set our minds to being much more positive and productive towards our fellow humans. The solution is learning - creating independent and autonomous learners who can problem solve, innovate and create a better more equitable and sustainable world. My books, Future Proof Your School and Re-Examining Success together with this blog, explore how better learning outcomes for all can be achieved.

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