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Guiding Students to Develop a Clear Understanding of Their Phone Use | Edutopia

cell phones in school

Banning cell phones from classrooms can backfire, but teachers can help students think critically about this addictive technology.

It can also be tempting for schools to consider large-scale phone bans. However, school leaders must remember that punitive measures aren’t without their own consequences. Cell phone bans are not attractive to parents who like to know that they can reach their children in an emergency. The threat of individual confiscation doesn’t solve the problem, either: Cell phones merely disappear into pockets, where they still cause ambient distraction. Further, the act of confiscation opens the door for noncompliance and unnecessary conflict, which degrades teacher-student relationships while increasing stress and anxiety levels.

Read more in this article by Christopher Klein: Guiding Middle and High School Students to Develop a Clear Understanding of Their Cell Phone Use | Edutopia


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