The Learning Renaissance

Interoceptive Input and Sensory Processing Disorder

interoceptive input Olympia Therapy

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This issue is beyond my expertise and experience, but I include it to show how our growing understanding of the science and neuroscience of life and learning has the ability to transform. Thank you to Olympia Therapy for sharing.

This understanding should not be solely the domain of medical and healthcare professionals, or even of the SENCO, all teachers need much greater awareness of conditions and syndromes that can hamper learning.

In all my teaching career I remember just two occasions when such things were dealt with in a whole school training event. The first was for what to do if a child had an epileptic seizure, and the second was on the use of an epi-pen.

We must do better, individually and collectively.

Find out more here: Learning the HARD way about our 8th sense – Interoception | Olympia Therapy

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