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A Small Victory for the Creative Arts in Wales


At a time when the creative subjects are under threat by the march of the ‘basics’ brigade, it was very encouraging to see Huw Jones picking up this under-reported piece of news from Wales.

As a Celtic people, the Welsh have always placed a high premium on music,  the spoken and the written word, as evidenced by the tradition of the cultural festival, the Eisteddfod, which celebrates human expression in all these forms.

Fortunately, the Welsh Government reflects these cultural values, and has made provision to ensure that every schoolchild has access to a musical instrument with which to develop these skills.

There is a belief, exacerbated by the hierarchy of subject funding, that the creative subjects are the icing on the cake of the school-based educational experience. Nothing could be further from the truth… music, Art, Drama and Poetry are the very foundations of human expression and all need to be accessible if the child is to appreciate kindness, expression, beauty and joy.

Read more here: Disadvantaged children in Wales to receive free access to musical instruments | ClassicFM

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