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Insights into the Parent Relationship with School and Learning from Liz Keable


I found a conversation started recently by Liz Keable on LinkedIn very insightful regarding the relationship of the parent and the school in supporting learning of the individual child.

Improving Your Child’s Relationship with School

I am gathering from conversations with schools and parents that there are a growing number of children and young people who feel unable to attend school. Their stress, caused by trying to be a square peg in a round hole, has been further exacerbated by two years of disruption.
The list of possible reasons for not attending is a long one, and often a student doesn’t have the words to explain the mental turmoil behind their non-compliance. That makes it really difficult for everyone who is keen to help, and can be scary for parents who face possible legal action as a result.
Parents sometimes blame the school, and sometimes the school blames parents, but that doesn’t help solve the problem that our young students are facing. Despite the best efforts of many passionate people in education, the system will not be changing any time soon, so we somehow have to find a way to help our young students, on a personal level, to change the way they feel.
The secret lies in supporting changes to mindset. The problem is that the kind of thinking that results in a refusal to go to school is often a combination of issues that have built up over time and become entwined in a way that is hard to access in the recesses of a stressed learner’s mind.
So how do we make a start on supporting them. The important thing is not to keep apportioning blame or waiting for someone else to sort it! Forget the blame, forgive whoever you are angry with (including yourself or your child if that’s an issue) and free up the energy you need to find a solution.
If you are a parent or a member of school staff assigned to help, the secret is to start from where a student is right now. Don’t go backwards, don’t try to unpick their previous experiences, just start with exploring the view they have of themselves as a learner right now, and whatever comes from that is what you build on. More next time!

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