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Planning a Better Future with Fabienne Vailes

Flourishing Education podcast

Another week, another great conversation with an educator passionate about change in education and learning.

Fabienne Vailes has experience of education in most of its phases and can see clearly how learners need greater support and independence to thrive.

Fabienne is the co-author of How to Grow a Grown-Up and author of The Flourishing Student. Her theme is that the system must accommodate the student rather than constrain them if we are to produce flourishing adults.

Here is a taste of her work…


This week, I am delighted to share this really powerful conversation with Benjamin Freud, PhD who is co-founder of Coconut Thinking.
Thanks so much for this fabulous conversation. I loved every minute of it!

If you care deeply about systemic change in education, then I would highly recommend listening to Benjamin.

Just like with Episode 140 with Ulcca Joshi Hansen – we talk about taking a different approach and moving from the mechanistic and Newtonian approaches to considering our education system as a living system.

He told me: ‘ Quantum Theory shows that things are both particles in waves. There’s a duality there. There’s complementarity there.
And so there is no such thing as, as this mechanist technique because because things have different, different forms in themselves. So yes, it’s a spiritual part. We can say that yes, it’s ancient philosophies. Yes, it’s it’s thinking, but it’s also science.

Whatever point of entry we have, we’re going to have to be confronted with the fact that we live in a universe that is interdependent, that nothing happens without our interaction with something else. And therefore we are everything we are nature. We are surroundings, I am you, you are me, because because we’re we’re part of an exchange here.

But that’s really hard to understand. In a world where we’re always told you’re an individual, you have your own freedoms. If you do if you work hard, good things will happen. That’s what we’re tougher so long.

But it doesn’t fit science. It doesn’t fit philosophy, and it doesn’t finish it. And worst of all, it’s gotten us to where we are. So it is time to think about something different because the planet is burning up.”

If you want to hear more – you can listen to the full episode here: Episode 145 – How to bring about change in education for ALL to flourish? Dr Benjamin Freud by Flourishing Education Podcast


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