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The Trouble with Symptoms in Education Terms

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In education it is more often than not that we treat the symptom and ignore the underlying cause.  In life we will often hide the true cause…

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Scaffolding Learning – a different perspective?

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As teachers we break a subject down into components or elements of knowledge and understanding, into learning steps if you like. We then find the “best”…

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Using Learning Intelligence* to leverage learning

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What does being a better learner mean? If I asked you the same in terms of football, or any other sport you would more than likely…

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Managing the Arrival of a New Principal

The arrival of a new principal at your school is a significant moment for both the principal and the staff. It may herald fast and profound cultural change and, depending … Continue reading

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The importance of a positive teacher-student relationship: it can boost good behavior in teens for up to 4 years | ace-d

Originally posted on From experience to meaning…: We’ve known for a long time that a positive relationship between teachers and students is important for learning. In the work of John … Continue reading

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Improving Student Attendance: Lateral Thinking and Management Information

Often the most useful strategies for improving school performance require some lateral thinking and a look beneath the surface of an issue. One of the most intractable problems all schools … Continue reading

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Michael Rosen on the Breaking of Educational Principles

An interesting article from writer and poet Michael Rosen on the current state of UK State Education. Rosen believes that the current Tory government have bent and broken two fundamental … Continue reading

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Poverty, its impact on learners, and what is to be done about it…

William Parrett and Kathleen Budge share some insights on poverty among learners in this Edutopia article… Leading underachieving students in poverty to success involves asking the right questions, finding the … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking: The How Not What of Learning

This is an interesting article by Dr Roy van den Brink-Budgen on critical thinking in schools which also allows you to register for a large scale study and keep abreast … Continue reading

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The Importance of Play in Learning

I remember primary school as being a joyous time of play and joyous learning in which the end of year test was an annoying, if short term inconvenience. Things are … Continue reading

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An Even Better Way | Ac-Ed

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Schools are pushing students at this time of year to make or exceed their target grades. A great deal goes on both during school, after school…

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Leadership and the Arts – the Counterpoint to STEM

A short and informative article by John Zermani promoting the role of Arts in the development of leadership: An artful leader must know how to lead people creatively. Since all … Continue reading

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Lesson Closure Ideas

The idea that the lesson is far more than an opportunity for information transfer is central to the idea of a learning renaissance. To this end, Todd Finlay offers these … Continue reading

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Leadership Reflections

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I have been led by others and I have led others. I have studied leadership and I have experienced good and poor leadership. I have worked…

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Communication Strategies with Pen and Other Tools

We have touched before on the pre-occupation of many controlling educational policy development on a restricted view of the need to develop writing as a means of communication, often to … Continue reading

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Feeding the Inner Learner: Intrinsic Motivation by Maurice Elias

Choice is an essential element in feeling a sense of control. But when choices are offered, individuals need to have the information necessary for making a meaningful decision, not simply … Continue reading

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How to Learn Anything | Ac-Ed

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Sometime ago I came across a TED Blog  by Krystian Aparta about an “Open Translation Project” where translators shared their secrets to mastering a foreign language. …

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How PARENTS can support learning at home

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? A time of exams and a time of testing Here in the UK we are rapidly moving towards the Y11 and Y13 examination or key…

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The Anatomy of Classroom Learning: Hands Up!

A thought-provoking article from Alfie Kohn on how teachers elicit responses from students in class… Should teachers call on students who haven’t indicated they want to talk and, in fact, have … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Learning Over Knowing, by Heather McGowan

An interesting article from Heather McGowan which explores the tension between an educational system focussed on knowing and that based on learning. In many respects this is the parallel argument … Continue reading

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Teaching with Emotional Intelligence | Lize Rech | LinkedIn

Just as our students need social and emotional skills to cope with life, so too do our teachers need support in strengthening their social and emotional skills to manage the stresses … Continue reading

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Five Questions to Remove from your Classroom

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I talk about teaching and learning quite a lot. In fact, if you ask my wife, probably a little too much. Because of this, teachers in…

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What happens when we interfere with the learning relationship?

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The Learning Relationship explained Let’s start by explaining what a “learning relationship” is. This graphic is my way of showing how the responsibility for learning should, over time,…

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The Darker Side of Academisation

This article from Graham Brown Martin presents a rather stark account of the learning sterile world that comes with a minimalist view of the learning process. Source: Meet Education UK’s … Continue reading

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Skills For Future Success in a Disruptive World of Work | Tanmay Vora

Experts predict that we are heading towards a ‘jobless future’ and that it is both an opportunity and a threat. Even if we don’t think too much about what happens … Continue reading

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Get Motivated

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Get motivated – 6 things to do to make sure you get and remain motivated So you have an essay to write, a research paper to…

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The Purpose of Education According to Graham Brown-Martin

My online friend Graham Brown-Martin is always good value for money in stirring the learning debate pot, and he started the New Year off with a cracker about the purpose … Continue reading

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