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Thinking Organically About Learning and Performance

I came across this slide in a business development presentation and immediately thought it was applicable to learning in schools. If all school stakeholders and those charged with responsibility at … Continue reading

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Play – the Foundation of Learning

I’m currently in the very fortunate position of having my son, daughter in law and grandson, Barney, living with me. Barney is two and a half and it is a … Continue reading

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Self-Actualisation: Developing as an Autonomous and Independent Learner

Over the course of my career, and in the subsequent research for my books, the key question has always been ‘What are we trying to achieve with our pupils?’  There … Continue reading

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Genius in Detention!

Thanks to Daniel Sobel for sharing this post. He argued that it is inappropriate to punish a child with lines for being unable to sit still. This is an unfortunately … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Cost of Conformity

Conformity comes at the cost of development and collegiality.  via Michael Lawrence on Twitter

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Flipping Your Classroom: Giving Learners Agency

If you are not familiar with the term, a ‘flipped classroom’ is one in which the pupils have more autonomy and independence as learners. Whereas the common way to construct … Continue reading

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Follow the Science!

Michael Lawrence has become a regular correspondent. His field of expertise is Finnish education and how it can be applied to other contexts, in his case in his native Australia. … Continue reading

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Towards a Holistic View of 21st Century Learning

I suppose the Venn diagram illustrated above represents Nirvana for teachers and wider educators looking to develop a paradigm, and practical implementation strategy for 21st-century learners. Unfortunately, with the exception … Continue reading

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Incorporating Simple, Student-Designed Assessments in School | Edutopia

Many thanks to Lindsay Mitchell for this useful Edutopia article on making learners more involved in their own assessment. The move from testing as something ‘done to’ students to a … Continue reading

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Why Finland?

I am certainly not alone in my veneration of Finnish teachers. I was going to say the Finnish Education System there, but that is not the full picture. It is … Continue reading

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Future Proof Your School finds a Global Audience…

I must admit that when Julia and Di at Critical Publishing suggested the title of  ‘Future Proof Your School‘ for my book of strategies and approaches to encourage school improvement … Continue reading

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New Year: Intensified Message for Change

It has been heartening in the almost ten years that the Learning Renaissance has been running, to find that what once sounded like a lone voice advocating change has now … Continue reading

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The Power of Writing and Creative Expression

Thanks to Stephen Bartlett for sharing this infographic from @milanicreative.  I smiled when I saw it, as it reminded me of a point I always used to make when supporting … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Importance of Environment on the Flourishing Learner

I am indebted to Jonny Katz for sharing this on LinkedIn and to Alexander Den Heijer for the original quote.  Conformity to an essentially industrial quality control model crushes the … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Help Students Learn From Their Tests | Edutopia

Thanks to Sarah Kesty for this timely reminder from Edutopia about maximising the value of a test for student learning. Too often tests are seen simply as a pedagogical device … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Protecting Childhood From Education

Not surprisingly, those countries which have undertaken thorough reviews of the requirements of 21st-century education have all come to the conclusion that informal education before school age is critical in … Continue reading

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A Framework for Fostering Rigour in Project-Based Learning (PBL): Hexagonal Thinking

The move away from a content-led curriculum and towards more project-based learning characterises the determination to give pupils more agency, control, independence and autonomy in their learning. However, there is … Continue reading

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Seasons Greetings from the Learning Renaissance

We would like to wish all our followers a happy and peaceful Christmas holiday. We’ll be taking a break in our posts over the holidays, but will be back with … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: A Force for Good

Margaret Mead gives some perennial advice here, shared by Fabienne Vailes.  Fabienne Vailes has become an increasingly important correspondent in my life this year. She is unremittingly positive in her view … Continue reading

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3000 Posts on The Learning Renaissance!

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How We Learn and Why Classrooms of 30 Pupils Make it Difficult

I am indebted to and Charles Jennings for this helpful infographic. Nothing controversial here you may think, but then consider the standard organisation of learning in schools: classes of … Continue reading

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The Focus of Childhood: Informal Learning Through Experience and Reflection

I am currently enjoying the joy of walking my grandson Barney to nursery in the morning. The fifteen minute walk is a new voyage of discovery every morning. We discuss … Continue reading

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Inspirational School-Based Rewards

Brian Mendler with a stroke of lateral thinking genius here: One of my fave ways to build culture is to reward everyone in honor of one. “Because Jenny had such … Continue reading

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Critical Child Development Sequences and Milestones, via Charlotte Davies

I have long taken an interest in the posts of Charlotte Davies. Her specialism is in cognitive and development issues and the impact of underdevelopment on the potential of young … Continue reading

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The Paucity of Aspiration in National Educational

Unfortunately, the fact that all politicians have received an education of sorts and can spout such nonsense as former Education Secretary Michael Gove’s “we’ve heard enough from experts!” makes for … Continue reading

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Testing 3, 2, 1: Michael Lawrence Calls Out Standardised Education Practice

Like myself, my colleague Michael Lawrence is very taken with the Finnish education system and the reflection and professional thought that has gone into its creation. The welfare and development … Continue reading

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Planning a Better Future with Fabienne Vailes

Another week, another great conversation with an educator passionate about change in education and learning. Fabienne Vailes has experience of education in most of its phases and can see clearly … Continue reading

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If you do one thing to end this school year successfully, watch this seminar.

It has been a long and difficult academic year bringing disruption and challenges which have, between them, thwarted the scope and pace of school development planning. End the year on … Continue reading

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Critical Mass: Forces for Change in Education Worldwide

I have been much heartened over the previous months by conversations I have had with educators worldwide who are rejecting the premise of current educational models. Increasingly they are putting … Continue reading

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