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4 Key Aspects of Teaching a K–12 Online Class | Edutopia

What an educator with experience teaching online has learned about structuring students’ online and offline experiences and how to provide feedback to keep the learning going. Read the article here: … Continue reading

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How to travel the world from your bedroom during lockdown | BBC Bitesize

See some of the most popular tourist attractions through virtual tours, photographs and videos. Source: How to travel the world from your bedroom during lockdown | BBC Bitesize

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Inspirational Stories From Teachers During Covid-19

In the weeks that followed the announcement that schools would closing, social media has been buzzing with posts and photos using the hashtag #homeschooling While some show brilliant parents delivering … Continue reading

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The Neuroscience Behind Productive Struggle | Edutopia

Challenging tasks spur the production of myelin, a substance that increases the strength of brain signals. We sometimes treat learning like a switch that is turned on or off—either students … Continue reading

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Making Learning Concrete: Realising Numbers in Mathematics with Scandinavians!

I don’t tend to subscribe to the ‘what goes around comes around!’ school of thought as it often represents lazy thinking. Things which might appear similar change over time or … Continue reading

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BBC Radio 4 – Woman’s Hour | Five tips for home schooling

Anna Massau, a former teacher who runs the Homeschool Guru blog, and Helena Gillespie, Professor of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, share their advice for home schooling. Read them … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: Here’s how you can stop bad information from going viral | BBC News

Coronavirus misinformation is flooding the internet. A UK parliamentary sub-committee is asking members of the public to submit examples. The committee has particularly requested submissions of disinformation spread in private … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: How do I home-school my children? | BBC News

  Schools across the UK would normally be opening for the summer term about now. However, they remain closed to all but a few pupils and there is no current … Continue reading

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The Covid 19 crisis has exposed some salutary lessons about what schools are, and could be about…

Michael Gove, as Education Secretary, having as much impact and engagement in a primary school as he did with any group of free-thinking individuals. This was the man who was … Continue reading

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DIY Ways to Meet a Child’s Sensory Needs at Home | Edutopia

Occupational therapists and trauma-informed teachers weigh in on how to create sensory tools and spaces with what you have at home. The coronavirus pandemic has upended all students’ day-to-day routines, … Continue reading

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How Teachers Can Prioritize Self-Care While Working From Home | Edutopia

Teachers adjusting to teaching from home while schools are closed may need to work out new routines to stay grounded. Tending to our personal health seems important but also really … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: The impossibility of home-schooling a nation | BBC News

Two weeks after the school shutdown, are parents and teachers lowering expectations? When UK schools closed their doors amid the coronavirus crisis a couple of weeks ago, a second – … Continue reading

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How to Support Home Learning in Elementary Grades | Edutopia

A first and second grade teacher shares his home learning plan for his students and how he is engaging their families. Read the full article here: How to Support Home Learning … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: How to see the world without leaving your home | BBC News

Coronavirus has restricted travel, but it doesn’t have to restrict our imagination… Explore the globe here: Coronavirus: How to see the world without leaving your home | BBC News

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Why do we remember things differently? | BBC Bitesize

Ever disagreed with a friend about a childhood memory? Maybe you couldn’t agree on what happened in a film you saw, how it ended, or even the cinema where you … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: The School of Mum and Dad | BBC News

There are plenty of online resources to help children keep learning while schools are closed. Source: Coronavirus: The school of Mum and Dad | BBC News

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4 Tips for Teachers Shifting to Teaching Online | Edutopia

An educator with experience in distance learning shares what he’s learned: Keep it simple, and build in as much contact as possible. The coronavirus has caused widespread school closures for … Continue reading

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Learning Arches – a structured way to design online learning content quickly and consistently

This is a significant article for educators trying to quickly develop significant amounts of online learning to keep students supported with quality resources… click the link on the name to … Continue reading

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A Society That Gives Up on Reading Gives Up on Culture and Decent Values

This from The Guardian regarding the 800 libraries that have closed in the UK since 2010 when the Tory government came to power… An annual survey shows sharp cuts to … Continue reading

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During Coronavirus, a Teacher Describes the Scramble to Go Digital | Edutopia

In Bergen County, New Jersey, just outside New York City, a school closure pushes teachers to confront the challenges of online learning. At the end of school two days ago, I … Continue reading

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Language apps: Can phones replace classrooms? | BBC News

With a boom in Japanese ahead of the Rugby World Cup, can apps offer more spontaneity and freedom? Read more here: Language apps: Can phones replace classrooms? | BBC News

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New Learning Paradigms from Charles Sosnik

An interesting article from Charles Sosnik from California, who demonstrates the way forward for learning seems to be coalescing internationally in independent learning. Learning is becoming consumerized. There is actually … Continue reading

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A Neuroscience Game-Changer: Connectivity Issues and Learning Difficulties

  I’ve spoken before about the disconnect between neuroscience research, with its complexity and nuance, and practical guidance for educators. A new report on the source of learning difficulties has … Continue reading

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Questions, Questions, Questions… Why Schools Are Killing Creativity

This is a very reflective piece from Wendy Berliner, brought to my attention by Charlotte Davies, which recalls some research from 2007 about children asking questions. The intensity with which … Continue reading

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