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4 Ways Classroom Design Impacts Executive Functioning | Edutopia

Effective classroom design can help elementary students develop skills like organization and task initiation. Good classroom design supports working memory by limiting teacher language and verbal directions. When the design … Continue reading

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The Big Idea: Do We All Experience the World in the Same Way? | The Guardian

Every human brain is different – it’s time to embrace the diversity of our experiences. …since we all have different brains, making slightly different best guesses, we will all have … Continue reading

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11 Books Teachers Can Use to Encourage Creative Young Artists | Edutopia

These stories about artists and illustrators known for their inventive use of materials encourage creativity in young learners. …schools that embrace initiatives such as STEAM will find an invaluable resource … Continue reading

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25 Essential High School Reads From the Last Decade | Edutopia

Edutopia asked members of the education community to share recently published novels they would love to have read in high school. These are the top picks: 25 Essential High School … Continue reading

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How to Build an Engaging Classroom Library | Edutopia

Teachers can provide meaningful texts for their students that reflect their interests and facilitate deep connections to what they’re reading. …thinking of classic literature, the ways in which characters who … Continue reading

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How to Work Literacy Instruction Into All Content Areas | Edutopia

Math, history, science, and even art teachers often find themselves trying to work literacy instruction into their classrooms. After all, the ability to read, synthesize, and explain concepts and ideas … Continue reading

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Improve Your Mental Health With These 6 Mind-Changing Exercises | CNET

Thought exercises can help you reframe your negative thinking and control worrying. Not only can thought exercises help you ease stress, they also can help make our subconscious thoughts go … Continue reading

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How The Term ‘Mad Scientist’ Began And How It Shapes Our World | Discover Magazine

While mad scientists abound in sci-fi and horror stories, the first true mad scientist didn’t appear until 1816. Tracing the term through history and literature helps us to understand how … Continue reading

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Cultivating Emotion Regulation and Mental Health | Scientific American

Susanne Schweizer is a neuroscientist investigating the development of emotional regulatory processes and their role in mental health across the lifespan. We found that the impact of emotional information on … Continue reading

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How to Support Teacher Mentors Using the Cognitive Coaching Model | Edutopia

Experienced teachers can be wonderful mentors for novices, but it’s important to also give them support when they need it. The process includes a planning conversation, an observation, and a … Continue reading

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Why Talented People Don’t Use Their Strengths | Harvard Business Review

As a leader, the challenge is not only to spot talent but also to convince your people that you value their talents and that they should, too. Begin by identifying … Continue reading

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The Doctor Is In (Your Classroom) | Edutopia

As student mental health issues reach crisis proportions, schools and teachers are playing a larger role than ever in providing support. Is it too big an ask? When schools are … Continue reading

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Does Mindfulness Change the Brain? Research Fractures Structural Hypothesis | Inverse

Some research suggests practicing mindfulness can change brain structure, increase gray matter volume, and may induce neuroplasticity, but other trials disagree. In the study, MBSR reduced reactivity in the brain’s … Continue reading

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Letting Students Experience a Text Before They Analyze It | Edutopia

By giving students a chance to read text ‘like a reader’ first, you can help them generate insights in a natural, informal way – before asking them to consider the … Continue reading

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Four Ways to Stop Thinking the Worst Will Happen When You’re Stressed | The Conversation

The world is a worrying place, and people who like to feel in control are more prone to ‘catastrophising’. We often worry about the future at night. When we are … Continue reading

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Defending a Teacher’s Right to Disconnect | Edutopia

Remember personal time? For many educators, technology has driven it toward extinction – and it’s time to get serious about reclaiming it. Technology is rapidly pushing things toward a breaking … Continue reading

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Building Movement Into Reading Lessons | Edutopia

Adding movement to reading lessons reinforces key concepts and helps fidgety students concentrate. When I started teaching reading, I had a very active group of struggling students. Because of their … Continue reading

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The Big Idea: Should We Drop the Distinction Between Mental and Physical Health? | The Guardian

We live in a falsely divided world, which draws too hard a line – or makes a false distinction – between physical and mental health. The line is not now … Continue reading

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How to reduce the environmental impact of your devices | BBC Bitesize

E-waste comes from phones, games consoles, tablets and laptops. But what is e-waste and how can you keep tech green? Switch off your camera during online calls – online calling … Continue reading

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Why it’s so hard to escape short-term thinking | Big Think

Short-term thinking is both rooted in our most primal instincts and encouraged by runaway technological development. How can we fight it? The rapid pace of technological development, particularly when untethered … Continue reading

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A Guide to Planning Career Paths for Teachers | Edutopia

Acquiring new skills and knowledge can support you in your current role and aid you in the event that you change roles or leave education. To make professional advancement count, … Continue reading

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Small talk has a point, actually. Here’s how to be better at it | Vox

In defense of the much-maligned conversational form. Small talk is also a useful tool to build friendships. In Women Talk, published in 1996, the linguistics scholar Jennifer Coates argues that chatter between … Continue reading

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What Adults Don’t Get About Teens and Digital Life | Wired

Well-meaning messages meant to keep teens safe can backfire. The key is to focus on judgment and agency, not rigid rules for screen time. PSYCHOLOGISTS HAVE LONG recognized that we … Continue reading

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Cultivating Growth Mindsets in Classroom Makerspaces | Edutopia

When students are given space to tinker, overcome challenges, and explore independently and joyfully, opportunities to build up resilience and perseverance abound. via: Cultivating Growth Mindsets in Classroom Makerspaces | … Continue reading

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How Teachers Can Balance Friendliness With Firmness | Edutopia

By setting clear expectations for behaviour early on, teachers can have fun with their students without losing control of their classrooms. In my two decades plus of teaching middle school … Continue reading

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For New Teachers, 6 Principles to Remember This School Year | Edutopia

It won’t be easy, but if you prepare for turbulence and set reasonable goals, you’ll stay calmer and make progress in all the right places. Filling papers with red ink … Continue reading

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Resources to Fight Bullying and Harassment at School | Edutopia

Although this list is now a couple of years old, it’s still a great one-stop shop for websites, organizations, articles, planning guides, lesson plans, and other resources dedicated to preventing … Continue reading

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How Teachers Can Best Use Their Classroom Walls | Edutopia

Classroom walls don’t have to be Instagram-worthy so long as they display the right information and allow students to shine. If you’re like me, you might be ready to come … Continue reading

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Work Stress: How the 42% Rule Could Help You Recover from Burnout

If you feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, you could be suffering from burnout. Try applying this scientifically approved formula to your daily routine to see if it could help ease … Continue reading

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Classroom Management Tips for New Teachers, From a New Teacher | Edutopia

A first-year elementary teacher transformed her classroom with a focus on social and emotional learning… and a little help from Penny the Positivity Penguin. The entire vibe of the classroom … Continue reading

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