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Thought For The Day: Beware Statistics!

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Think Tank

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Just for Fun… a Quiz for the Summer Break

Source: WrongHands – Cartoons by John Atkinson on Facebook  

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This is Why I Drink Tea…

Thanks for sharing this Daniel Sobel… made me laugh!

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What Ails You?

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Coffee Break

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Festive Creativity

At Lancaster Library, via Sophie Devonshire on Instagram

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Jimmy Carr on Teachers

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Thought For The Day: If You Can Read This…

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Thought For The Day: Coronavirus vs the Work/Life Balance

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The Challenge of Change Management

Source: Tony Farias, via Slideshare

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An Insult For All Seasons… (Updated) Thou mangled dizzy-eyed measle!

We live in cantankerous times and the moral turpitude of our age leaves us short of effective insults. This can lead to the slovenly use of the usual profanities. Never … Continue reading

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, adapted for the Coronavirus in the UK

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Mind your Ps, Qs and Apostrophes!

A cartoon for the teachers who do it professionally, and one for the grammar pedants who take a keen amateur interest in the aberrant apostrophe. I’m surrounded by professional grammar … Continue reading

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What I Did This Summer…

Rick McKee: Via: back to school |

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Thought For The Day: Keep Calm

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Thought For The Day: You’ve Earned a Rest!

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Thought For The Day: Summer!

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Reading: A Justification, if One Were Needed!

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The Art of Leadersheep

Purchase this poster here: The Art of Leadersheep | it-agile Shop

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The State of Education: A Discredited Industrial System

This isn’t a new cartoon of the current state of education. Sir Ken Robinson has used glorious animations to share the same point about the outmoded industrial antecedents of education … Continue reading

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The Future of Learning… As Seen From the Nineteenth Century!

I came across this woodcut from a nineteenth century French conception of the future classroom of the year 2000. I found it acutely depressing in its conception for a number … Continue reading

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A timely reminder of the paradigm we need to overcome in order for our students to succeed…

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Teachers’ Back to School Training

From the wise people at Pobble. This seemed a very good action research approach to start the new academic year by hardening up the teacher in your life after the … Continue reading

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The Content-Based Curriculum

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Equality for all learners… a little lateral thinking

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Getting a Gog!

The simplest way to keep abreast of the key “gogs” in education…

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Thought For The Day: I’d Much Rather…

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Purpose and Direction

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The teacher, the riddle and the morbid answer | BBC Three

You’re a teacher, it’s a new term and you’re back in class ready to educate the next generation. You don’t want your classes to be boring – you want to … Continue reading

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