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CBeebies releases new mindfulness app experience voiced by Stephen Fry | BBC

Children can learn and develop mindful habits to help them through these unprecedented times with the launch of Your Mindful Garden, a new CBeebies activity voiced by Stephen Fry. Developed … Continue reading

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Own It – A place to help you boss your life online | BBC

The BBC have launched a specific area of their website featuring questions, answers and tools to help young people make the most of their time online. The Own It app … Continue reading

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Random First Line Generator

Free creative writing exercises and prompts, from The aim of these writing prompts is to spark off a short story. When you click the button, a random first line … Continue reading

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A word of commendation for Plasq and Comic Life!

We’ve all been in those online conversations with customer relationship departments which seem to be endless, tedious, circuitous and fail to resolve a problem. It would be perhaps asking too … Continue reading

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Which Apps Are Safe for Kids? Three Tools That Read the Fine Print for You | EdSurge

Who has the time to read the fine print of terms and conditions… especially when it is an enticing new app which promises you the world? Well we certainly should … Continue reading

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An Open Invitation from the Learning Renaissance to Join Our International Reflective Learning Community Resource

If you represent a school or other learning establishment, you are very welcome to include a link to the Learning Renaissance on your online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) library. There … Continue reading

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BBC game challenges young people to spot “fake news” | BBC News

Young people can play the role of a newsroom journalist, making their own decisions on what is true or false in the new BBC iReporter interactive game. The new interactive BBC … Continue reading

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Building a Digital Portfolio | ETML

Via: Best Practices for Building A Digital Portfolio | ETML And here are some great suggestions for apps to get you started: 6 of The Best Tools for Creating Digital … Continue reading

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An Excellent Tool to Help You Stay Focused | ETML

Internet addiction can be a serious productivity killer. The net is full of all kinds of digital distractions and unless you know how to effectively manage your online time, you … Continue reading

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The Periodic Table of STEAM Apps | ThingLink

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The Shape of Things to Come… Augmented Reality and Learning

The problem with many leading-edge learning technologies is that the cost of adoption is so great only large corporations, the military or research programmes can afford them. However the last … Continue reading

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Charity launches gaming app to boost maths skills | BBC News

School maths leaves too many young people unprepared for the work and for running their lives, the charity National Numeracy says. A maths charity hopes its new mobile gaming app … Continue reading

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19 Great Tools to Create Educational Infographics | Teachers Tech Workshop

Source: 19 Great Tools to Create Educational Infographics | Teachers Tech Workshop

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ShakeItUp – Mixital

‘ShakeItUp’ lets you remix the work of the Bard. Cast a scene, give it your own spin and invent new endings. Get creative with Shakespeare. ShakeItUp is part of the Shakespeare … Continue reading

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Dendrite launches Bloodhound Supersonic Car Ed App for students

Those clever people at the Dendrite Learning platform have just launched the first official Bloodhound SSC Education App. Available on iOS and Android here: Test your knowledge on the … Continue reading

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Bloom’s Taxonomy – Digital Pathways

This is an incredibly useful summary on how to apply digital resources to scale Bloom’s Taxonomy. Thank you to our friends at Educator’s Technology for their work in compiling this. … Continue reading

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Revise on the go with the new Bitesize app | BBC Bitesize

The new BBC Bitesize app is now available to download on your mobile phone for free (iOS and Android). Whether you’re studying GCSEs, Nationals or Highers, we’ve broken down your … Continue reading

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Free Templates to Create Newspapers and Magazines

Source: Google Docs Newspaper Templates Source: Blank Newspaper Templates | PaperZip Source: Editable Newspaper Powerpoint Template | Presentation Magazine Source: Newspaper Templates Primary Resources | Twinkl Source: Newspaper Templates | … Continue reading

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Apps to Support Diverse Learners in the Classroom | Edutopia

Apps can help diverse learners by gamifying their tasks, coaching them on social cues, prioritizing their time, strengthening their math skills, and sharpening their language abilities, and are a terrific and … Continue reading

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Human Anatomy Resources

ETML have curated a collection of the most popular apps in for studying anatomy. These apps will particularly help students explore the human body through 3D  graphics and interactive content. (Please note … Continue reading

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3 Google Scholar Tips Every Student Should Know About | ETML

The strength of Scholar lies in the numerous hidden features that are usually overlooked by many students. These features enable you to conduct smart and targeted search queries that can … Continue reading

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10 New Educational Tools for Teachers | ETML

This month’s series of New EdTech Tools and Apps for Teachers features some interesting tools to use in your teaching. Some of the things you can do with these applications … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Tool to Help Students Easily Design Their Own Games | ETML

  Gamester Mechanic is a gaming platform where students get to learn how to design their own games. It features three main components to engage students in game-based learning: the … Continue reading

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A Great Resource for Downloading Ready-Made Charts and Diagrams to Use in Class | ETML

Chart Chooser from Juice Labs offers a wide variety of pre-made charts that you can download and use for free. These include: Pie chart, Bullet bar chart, line chart, bubble … Continue reading

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News, updates and insights from LEGO Education UK

Bookmark for more fascinating and engaging content: News, updates and insights from LEGO Education UK Blog

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LEGO Education for Primary Schools – StoryStarter

LEGO® Education StoryStarter is the helping hand that kick-starts pupils’ creativity and boosts their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills at Key Stages 1 and 2. Pupils work together to … Continue reading

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10 Excellent Google Drive Apps Teachers Should Try This School Year | ETML

Those lovely folk at ETML have gathered a selection of some of the best educational Google Drive apps to use in your instruction. All of these apps have been covered … Continue reading

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