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Classroom-Friendly Websites and Apps for Making Comics | Common Sense Education

Classroom-Friendly Websites and Apps for Making Comics is a list of 15 apps, games, and websites curated by the Common Sense Education editors. Find it here: Classroom-Friendly Websites and Apps … Continue reading

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Why Finland?

I am certainly not alone in my veneration of Finnish teachers. I was going to say the Finnish Education System there, but that is not the full picture. It is … Continue reading

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Educational Calendar Topical Collections | BBC Teach

Explore topical collections of BBC Teach content to mark significant events in the educational calendar. Each collection includes teaching resources for both primary and secondary classrooms. Find them here: Educational … Continue reading

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Educational Calendar – Topical Collections | BBC Teach

Explore topical collections of BBC Teach content to mark significant events in the educational calendar. Each collection includes teaching resources for both primary and secondary classrooms. Find them here: Educational … Continue reading

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KS2 English: CBBC Book Club | BBC Teach

CBBC Book Club is all about celebrating books and getting excited about reading! Each month Rhys Stephenson is joined by authors, illustrators and celebrities to talk about their latest books, … Continue reading

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KS2 English | Marcus Rashford – The Breakfast Club Adventures | BBC Teach

BBC Teach have partnered with the National Literacy Trust to help teachers explore the Marcus Rashford book, The Breakfast Club Adventures in the classroom. Source: KS2 English | Marcus Rashford – … Continue reading

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Resources to Fight Bullying and Harassment at School | Edutopia

Although this list is now a couple of years old, it’s still a great one-stop shop for websites, organizations, articles, planning guides, lesson plans, and other resources dedicated to preventing … Continue reading

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Fun Academy | Where Learning Is Fun and Teachers Teach

Fun Academy is the best start in life for every child. Everywhere. They create solutions based on the Fun Learning approach that combines the best practices and latest advances in … Continue reading

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If you do one thing to end this school year successfully, watch this seminar.

It has been a long and difficult academic year bringing disruption and challenges which have, between them, thwarted the scope and pace of school development planning. End the year on … Continue reading

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Interoceptive Input and Sensory Processing Disorder

This issue is beyond my expertise and experience, but I include it to show how our growing understanding of the science and neuroscience of life and learning has the ability … Continue reading

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Some Vital Neuroscientific Information For the Classroom

Here’s a thought… in planning learning, what if the structure of the lesson was based not on Into, Body, Plenary or some such structure, and instead aimed to achieve that … Continue reading

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Lesson Exit Prompts | Literacy in Focus

A simple series of prompts to help you design effective plenary sessions for your lessons from Literacy in Focus. Please share any particularly successful prompts you use to end and … Continue reading

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Get Set with Radio 1 | Canvas

Adrienne Herbert, wellness professional and host of Get Set with Radio 1, shares five of her top tips for maintaining mental fitness and resilience as you take on new challenges … Continue reading

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Work Mental Health + Performance | The Skill Collective

Research into the productivity costs of poor mental health on the workplace, as well as findings into the return on investment into mental health, build a case for the importance … Continue reading

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The Skill Collective Resource Library

Get access to an entire library of free resources on well-being, mental health, and performance. Find it here: The Skill Collective Resource Library

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Vocabulary Ninja

Vocabulary Ninja provides a wide variety of high-quality products and systems that help to support pupils, teachers and schools. Visit the website here: Vocabulary Ninja – The Home of High-Quality … Continue reading

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Radio 1 Relax

The BBC have launched a brand new 24/7 wellbeing stream: Radio 1 Relax, featuring blissed-out beats and inspirational speech to unwind your mind. It brings together content from across Radio … Continue reading

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Close Reading

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Did You Know? Marking Black History Month(s)

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in US history. Since 1976, every US president has officially … Continue reading

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Soundscapes for Wellbeing | Canvas

A BBC collaboration bringing virtual soundscapes of nature and of music directly to audiences: Soundscapes for Wellbeing | Canvas

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Parents’ Toolkit | BBC Bitesize

Resources hand-picked by BBC Bitesize: Parents’ Toolkit | BBC Bitesize

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Five ways to manage your wellbeing as a parent during lockdown | BBC Bitesize

Advice for parents on how to look after their mental health alongside their other responsibilities and anxieties during this difficult time. Visit the BBC website to find out more: Five … Continue reading

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Your Mental Health Toolkit | BBC Headroom

Whether it is everyday tips, sounds to relax your mind, strategies to cope with parenting right now or films to get you talking, the BBC offers help for you to … Continue reading

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FREE access during lockdown 2021 | imoves

Get everything you need to maximise active learning during lockdown with ready-made, easy to share resources! Get free access to imoves during 2021 lockdown – CLICK HERE to sign up!

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Dialogue Generator

Free creative writing exercises and prompts, from The aim of these writing prompts is to help with dialogue writing. This can be useful for narrative writing. When you click … Continue reading

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Lockdown Learning: BBC puts school materials on TV, iPlayer and online

The BBC is helping school children keep up with their studies amid the latest lockdown to control Covid-19 in the UK. Primary and secondary schools are closed to most pupils, … Continue reading

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BBC delivers biggest Education offer in its history – including devoting significant airtime to Education on BBC Two | Media Centre

Education is absolutely vital – the BBC is here to play its part and I’m delighted that we have been able to bring this to audiences so swiftly.”— Tim Davie, … Continue reading

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Helpful Remote Teaching Tips and Resources for Teachers | ETML

One of the key questions that faces you as you make your transition to online education is that of resources. In order to make the best of your online teaching/learning … Continue reading

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