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Thought For The Day: How To Thrive


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Future Proof Your School: Steering Culture, Driving School Improvement and Developing Excellence

I’ve been working with Critical Publishing in putting together a series of books on education leadership and learning. The books focus on change management at the level of culture. and … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Libraries

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Biggest winners and losers from degrees | BBC News

Women studying maths at Oxford and men taking economics at Bristol get the biggest increase in earnings from going to university, says an analysis of salaries at the age of … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Kindness

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Teacher Dissatisfaction / Student Disillusionment: Causes and Cures

In the UK, and I sense in the US and Australia, there is growing dissatisfaction among teachers regarding what governments and leaders are asking them to focus upon. Much of … Continue reading

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100 Coping Strategies for Anger, Anxiety, and More

See the full list here: 100 Coping Strategies for Anger, Anxiety, and More |

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Presenting Anxiety


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Did You Know? Inclusivity

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Classroom Rules… Some Reasons Not to Have Them by David Tow | Edutopia

I’ve always thought the way forward is the self-regulated classroom where the rules come not from discipline enforced on the students, but from self-discipline displayed by them. This also highlights … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Standardised Testing

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A History of 50 years of Educational Technology by Tony Parkin

I always enjoy Tony Parkin’s posts, which are informative and provocative. I particularly enjoyed this saunter down the educational technologies of the last fifty years, which corresponds to my experiences … Continue reading

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Life Lessons | Seven life-changing tips from the new generation | BBC Radio 4

Young guests from the Life Lessons podcast offer their wisdom. Source: Life Lessons | Seven life-changing tips from the new generation | BBC Radio 4

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Asking Meaningful Questions of Your Child…

As parents we have all asked the inevitable “How was Your Day?” questions to gain some insight into how our children have been in school.  Perhaps it is the GIGO … Continue reading

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Child Mental Health: A Crisis in the Making

I’m currently researching a book on preparing students for examinations. In discussions with my publisher, the review committee had suggested that I place more emphasis on student mental health and … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Reading and Writing

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Seven charts on the £73,000 cost of educating a child | BBC News

A The amount spent on schools is a source of frequent controversy. So, where does all the money for educating the country’s children go? School spending is watched closely – … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Why You Need Resilience and a Growth Mindset…

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The Best Lessons… Accidents, Design and Spontaneity!

Some of the worst lessons I have taught have been those which I prepared in greatest detail. Like the battle plans that did not survive the first engagement with the … Continue reading

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Schools admit informally excluding pupils | BBC News

A dozen schools in England, Northern Ireland and Wales have admitted informally excluding pupils at some stage last year, the BBC has learned. BBC News asked more than 1,000 secondary … Continue reading

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I’m researching a book on examination preparation … can you help?

I’m currently researching a book I’ve been commissioned to write regarding the preparation of students for examinations. I’m reluctant to use the term ‘revision’ as it is the dichotomy between … Continue reading

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Behaviour Triggers for Children with Autism

Any educational professional who deals regularly with young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders will recognise these triggers to emotional reactions. Thank you to Daniel Sobel for sharing this…   Source:

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Thought For The Day: Unloving Ways

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Mapping Our Way Home – The History and Function of Myths in Society

A great article on mapping which might not be quite what you expect from James Sale: Myths: Mapping Our Way Home | The Epoch Times

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Thought For The Day: Animal Rights

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Dire Predictions About the Future of Traditional Education Models

Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen has some stunning comments to make about traditional educational delivery models, and he is prepared to put a time scale on them. This fall, 19.9 … Continue reading

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