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Examination Revision: End of Learning Event, or Development Process?

You may think this is an inopportune time to be talking about examination revision, but that depends whether you view it as an end of learning event or a development … Continue reading

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Digitising Revision: The Basis of a Student Performance Breakthrough in Your School

This article is an abridged version of techniques expanded upon in a new book:  Re-Examining Success: Raising pupils’ examination performance at secondary school: systems, techniques, processes and partners by David … Continue reading

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Change Management: The Paucity of Project Planning Skills and Cultural Change in Schools

I’m always fascinated when principals tell me how busy they are. It seems that since some of them have become the CEO’s of a number of schools, their perceived workload … Continue reading

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A Danish Lesson For the UK: How to Sort Out the Apprenticeship Mess!

In the last ten years the apprenticeship system in the UK, always brittle, has been thrown into turmoil. For the most part the blame lies with the Tory government for … Continue reading

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Flexible Classrooms: Research Is Scarce, But Promising | Edutopia

An ambitious study of 153 classrooms in the United Kingdom provides the best evidence that flexible spaces can boost academic performance. Read the full article here: Flexible Classrooms: Research Is … Continue reading

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7 Outstanding K–8 Flexible Classrooms | Edutopia

K–8 educators from across America provide a peek at their classrooms—and explain how they managed the transformations. See the full article here: 7 Outstanding K–8 Flexible Classrooms | Edutopia

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Reflections on Shifting to a Flexible Classroom | Edutopia

A middle school teacher shares the benefits of giving students voice and choice in their learning environment. Read the full article here: Reflections on Shifting to a Flexible Classroom | Edutopia

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How the exam system sets up neuro-diverse students to fail

This is a really important piece by Jules Daulby regarding the double jeopardy that students with learning and behavioural issues, which she encompasses in the term neuro-diverse students, face in … Continue reading

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The marketisation of English schools: students paying the cost of the market

An article from the Guardian on the negative effects bringing schools into a market place for education implemented by the Tory Government. Students are jettisoned in the middle of their … Continue reading

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Narrow vocabulary hits pupils grades | BBC News

Research suggests four out of 10 pupils in their first year of secondary have limited vocabulary. Monosyllabic adolescents may be nothing new, but the latest research suggests a big chunk … Continue reading

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Needs-Based Learning, by John D’Souza

John D’Souza certainly seems to have struck a chord with his series of provocative articles on the potential of different approaches to learning: Needs-Based Learning

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Data-Based Learning

Another in the series by John D’Souza on the components of twenty first century learning… Data based decision making or data-driven decision making refers to educator’s on-going process of collecting … Continue reading

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Pedal power boosts N Carolina pupils’ performance | BBC News

  A schoolteacher in North Carolina finds that pedal power in the classroom encourages children to focus more and boosts their test performance. Read more about this story on the … Continue reading

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Effective Learning: Attitudes and Behaviours

When we consider what makes the best work colleagues what do we consider? Certainly, there will be some context related body of knowledge that it will be vital to understand, … Continue reading

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Old and New Learning – Some Key Dimensions

  Key features of the school of the 21st century outlined … How close does learning in your school match the features on the right… and what are you doing to … Continue reading

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Schools Reinvented, or Rather Learning Reinvented

An interesting presentation from School House about reinventing schools for the 21st century. Amazing how often people say “changing schools” when what they really mean is “changing learning”…

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Brain Development and Adolescent Growth Spurts

  Although the specific neurological pathway to more effective learning is obscure, there is little doubt that secondary school education takes place against a neurological background of massive change in … Continue reading

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TLLM: Teach Less. Learn More.

A great article by John Dsouza on an innovative learning model. Significantly he explores why such a model is incompatible with the marketisation of learning approach in which there are … Continue reading

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Accounting for the Gender Performance Gap in Schools

John D’Souza’s article accounts for performance differences between girls and boys in schools. The key question is what do we do in the culture of our schools to address this issue? … Continue reading

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Do academies get better results? | BBC News

If a school becomes an academy are the results more likely to improve?It’s a key question in the debate about whether all schools in England should be forced to become … Continue reading

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STEM or STEAM? The Implications of a Science-Dominated Curriculum

The importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a continuing theme in this blog. In the UK, an area where we have traditionally outpunched our weight has been … Continue reading

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Formative Assessment Tools

I’ve argued before for the adoption of ipsative assessment tools as the way forward in the Learning Renaissance, but perhaps, for those new to the blog, it is worth revisiting … Continue reading

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Teacher Expectations

Nothing is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy that the role of teacher expectations in student performance. A famous, if rather morally dubious piece of research, reversed student performance data to … Continue reading

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Education as a commodity rather than a public good

One of the most regressive elements in education presently is the idea that learning is just another commodity. Once this is accepted it can be reduced by a managerial outlook … Continue reading

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Standardised Testing: The Bane of Learning

Standardised testing represents the full vent of industrial production processes to the learning experience. To test is to measure so qualitative elements are sacrificed to something that is measurable, whether … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Arts in Education from Neil Bunting

Neil Bunting provides a persuasive argument for the Arts and Challenge in education… Nothing that is rewarding, and worth doing, comes easily. Read his full blog post here: Approaches to Challenge … Continue reading

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Establishing a Culture of Student Voice, by John McCarthy

In new and more participative learning models the student is not a passive element in the process but reflects and indeed helps self-assure and regulate the learning environment. The formalised … Continue reading

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Larry Ferlazzo on Discipline, Self-Discipline and Creating a Positive Classroom for Learning

There is much confusion about what constitutes a positive classroom environment and what purpose it is meant to serve. For some, it represents a one way channel by which the … Continue reading

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Inquiry-Based Learning – A Useful Exemplar

Having students take more responsibility for the format and structure of their learning is at the heart of stretching them to reach their individual potential. This case study shows what … Continue reading

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An Overview of the Failures in US Education: Does This Resonate With Your Experience?

This review of the perceived failures in the US education system makes the case that it was designed for the last century and is increasingly our of step with the … Continue reading

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