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Meta-Learning: The Art of Learning How to Learn Deeper and Better | Medium

Meta-learning is about understanding yourself and your limitations and then seeking out new or better ways to improve yourself without limiting yourself to one particular field. It can be applied … Continue reading

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The Microlearning Principle: Shorter, Bite-Sized Learning Improves Retention by up to 80% | Medium

Small bites of learning can be highly effective for busy professionals and everyone who values learning but don’t have time for intensive learning. Read the article here: The Microlearning Principle: … Continue reading

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Learners let down by Learndirect, say MPs | BBC News

The government has been criticised for its role in giving millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to a UK training provider accused of failing to deliver. The House of Commons … Continue reading

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Learndirect rated ‘inadequate’ in Ofsted report | BBC News

Training company Learndirect has been branded by Ofsted as “inadequate” – the worst rating the watchdog can give. Inspectors found not enough learners achieved the skills and qualifications to progress … Continue reading

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Injunction lifted on critical Ofsted report | BBC News

The future of one of the UK’s largest adult-training providers is in question after it failed to block publication of a critical report by Ofsted inspectors. Learndirect had obtained an … Continue reading

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UK facing ‘digital skills crisis’ warn MPs | BBC News

Urgent action is needed to deal with the UK’s digital skills crisis, warn MPs, or it risks damaging the country’s productivity and competitiveness. It is thought 12.6 million adults lack … Continue reading

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A Guide to Grants and Resources (mostly US-based)

Edutopia have helpfully published a list of educational grants and resources. Although most of them are US-based, many allow for global applications… Find this useful and informative guide here: The … Continue reading

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The Moral Purpose in Learning… Effective Parenting

In all the talk of the uses and misuses of technology in learning and the discussion over content or process skills in the school curriculum, some elements remain critical in … Continue reading

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Reaching the parts others cannot teach | BBC News

It’s easy to take online learning for granted, whether it’s finding how to do something on YouTube or following a free online course from a university. When educationalists write about … Continue reading

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Learning Without Teachers – The Work of Sugata Mitra

Sugata Mitra, an education professor at Newcastle University first shot to prominence when he embedded some computer screens and keyboards into the walls of villages in remote areas of India. … Continue reading

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Internet learning boosts performance by seven years, Sugata Mitra study finds

Pupils can perform at more than seven years above their expected academic level by using the internet, a pioneering study has concluded. Professor Sugata Mitra found that eight- and nine-year-olds … Continue reading

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Planning a Career – the Key Dimensions

I found this an inspirational way to plan a career… which I’d had it in front of me when I was setting out. I’ve managed to have 2,3 and all … Continue reading

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Teacher Confidence in Learning Technologies – The Journey

Having struggled myself, and taken teachers, students and adults with learning disabilities on this journey, I found this an interesting insight. I used to tell teachers that they would know when … Continue reading

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Smarten Up – It’s Time to Build Essential Skills (2015)

Originally posted on DataAngel:
Smarten Up – It’s Time to Build Essential Skills, a report by Janet Lane and T Scott Murray, was published this week by Canada West Foundation.…

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Two Templates to Create Faux Facebook Pages

Via ETML, these are two Google Docs templates created by Derrick Waddell that students can use to create Facebook pages for famous literary characters or historical figures. This is an … Continue reading

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‘Back to school’ for parents in Singapore | BBC News

“It’s all about understanding what students do at school and how to solve complicated problems using the latest methods,” said Nur Hidayah Ismail, the principal at Genius Young Minds tutorial … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Apprenticeship

Changes in the way that Higher Education is funded in the UK, namely the move to make the funding a personal commitment based on a loan rather than a societal … Continue reading

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STEM – Does It Have Pitfalls?

In previous posts I’ve spoken about how a concentration on the STEM subjects, Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics can skew the curriculum offered to young people. Specifically, if more time … Continue reading

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Germany Abolishes Tuition Fees for Higher Education: The How and Why |

I’ve mentioned several times on this blog the move by Germany to abolish tuition fees within Higher Education. The crux of their reasoning behind this is twofold. Firstly, they recognise that … Continue reading

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Recognize the Divine in the Everyday: Making the Most of Our Learning Opportunities

Originally posted on Captivate Your Music Students 🙂:
In 2007, acclaimed concert violinist, Joshua Bell attempted a musical/social experiment. Normally you would pay hundreds of dollars to hear Joshua play with…

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Digital Storytelling using Photo Story: Flowerpod

This is a Photo Story used to tell a simple story. The twist is that it was compiled by a number of adults with learning difficulties whom I work with … Continue reading

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MOOCs (Mass Open Online Courses): The Shape of Learning to Come… But What Are They?

A fantastic recent development in the world of Higher Education is the MOOC or Mass Online Open Learning Course. The idea behind this is that leading universities put their learning … Continue reading

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The CPD Framework for Teaching Offender Learners in the Community

The most innovative learning often takes place with those most marginalised in the learning process. Developed in partnership with the Institute of Education Centre for Education in the Criminal Justice … Continue reading

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