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Thought For The Day: Victor Hugo on Schools


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What ‘Orwellian’ Really Means – Noah Tavlin | TED-Ed

If you’ve watched the news or followed politics, chances are you’ve heard the term Orwellian thrown around in one context or another. But have you ever stopped to think about … Continue reading

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Asperger Syndrome and the Sensory Funnel

This is a terrific schema for developing your students who have Asperger’s Syndrome. Read more about The Sensory Funnel here: Why you should never focus on teaching someone with Asperger’s social skills first … Continue reading

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The Life Project: educational implications of a long term study of the British population

The Guardian has published some insights into the impact of a major long term study of cohorts of British people which was begun at the end of the Second World … Continue reading

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The Reso: Explorations in Childhood

As part of my interest in childhood experience I’ve written three books which explore ‘growing up’ from a child’s perspective and give some insights into the learning experience… The Reso … Continue reading

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Writing Your Novel: Some Well-Crafted Pieces of Advice

It seems that many of my friends and colleagues are in the process of, or leading up to writing a novel. I firmly believe we all have a novel in … Continue reading

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