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Thought For The Day: Animals and Us


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What the Best Education Systems Are Doing Right

Finnish and Asian educational systems are often quoted as leading the OECD Educational Performance tables and models to aspire to emulate. Such talk is too simplistic as any understanding of … Continue reading

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Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice

When first appointed to the leadership team of an inner city school, I was struck by the abrasiveness of relationships and recourse to abuse and violence amongst the students. Too … Continue reading

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Self-Reflection and Personal Growth

There can be no growth without reflection and this should be the mantra for learners of all ages…

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Learning, Choice and Motivation

Although this article is written with people with Asperger’s in mind, I think the techniques here apply to everyone. I’d go further; we are currently training up our Labrador puppy, … Continue reading

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The Asperger Freeze Loop

This article demonstrates the perspective of someone with Aspergers Syndrome: The Freeze Loop | Asperger Experts

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Principles of effective networking

Originally posted on tenpencemore:
Networking is about face to face meetings as well as online activity through Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networking tools. Here are some basic tips for…

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Promoting Kindness – an article by Rob Berman

  The world is too big to change… unless you do it one person at a time. This attitude underlies a range of approaches to helping people which are currently … Continue reading

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A Victorian guide to Cambridge student life | BBC

Male undergraduates were encouraged to smoke but told they would regret using tea cosies in a Victorian guide to student life. The Fresher’s Don’t was published in 1893 for Cambridge … Continue reading

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Strategies to Develop Student Self-Motivation

A great article by David Palank which explores the psychology of gearing up a classroom to become self-motivating. This goes beyond reward and sanction to look at the psychological behaviours … Continue reading

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Effective Learning: Attitudes and Behaviours

When we consider what makes the best work colleagues what do we consider? Certainly, there will be some context related body of knowledge that it will be vital to understand, … Continue reading

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Old and New Learning – Some Key Dimensions

  Key features of the school of the 21st century outlined … How close does learning in your school match the features on the right… and what are you doing to … Continue reading

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Building Student Cognitive Flexibility

Judy Willis overlooks a different way for teachers to operate in the classroom in which student learning development and critical thinking play the key role: Building Students’ Cognitive Flexibility | … Continue reading

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Schools Reinvented, or Rather Learning Reinvented

An interesting presentation from School House about reinventing schools for the 21st century. Amazing how often people say “changing schools” when what they really mean is “changing learning”…

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As a Teacher You Are Never Too Old to Learn

When you have been teaching for a number of years, the cyclical nature of the academic year and the constant administrative demands can make for teaching on automatic pilot. This … Continue reading

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Understanding Student Behaviours

  This article from Dr Richard Curwin on Edutopia rings true to me. I remember  particularly disruptive child in an inner city secondary school who would drive me to distraction … Continue reading

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The Importance of Meta Learning and the Foundations of a New Values Curriculum

The curriculum in public education is usually expressed as an accumulation of knowledge, usually defined at some point by those who fund the education service. In England, that has ossified … Continue reading

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It’s Not What You Do, It’s the Way That You Do It – Habits of Effective Teachers

When you think back to the teachers who have had the most impact on your life what impressions remain? Is it the subject knowledge they imparted, or their attitudes, values … Continue reading

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Future Skills from the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum should know something about the skills needed to power the global economy of the future. This presentation outlines what they consider to be the top ten … Continue reading

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Muliple Intelligences

I can hardly post about Learning Styles without referencing the work of Gardiner on Multiple Intelligences. Nowadays an increasing number of researchers believe precisely the opposite; that there exists a … Continue reading

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Learning Styles Digest

  In the last two decades the idea of “Learning Styles” has gained some credibility in the educational community. Unfortunately, the evidence for learning styles, either being hard-wired into the brain … Continue reading

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Promoting Effective Discussion

Our friends at A Pass Educational have bundled together some wise words and techniques on promoting effective discussion… Education has come a long way, but many educators continue to struggle … Continue reading

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Brain Development and Adolescent Growth Spurts

  Although the specific neurological pathway to more effective learning is obscure, there is little doubt that secondary school education takes place against a neurological background of massive change in … Continue reading

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The Anatomy of Brain-Based Learning

John D’Souza mines a rich seam of thinking in this article on Brain-Based Learning… This article has been reproduced in full from its original posting on LinkedIn: Brain-Based Learning 2: … Continue reading

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Preparing Learners for the Future…

  The unprecedented rate of technological change causes real problems for the school curriculum. The school curriculum, is, by its very nature, conservative as it carries all the government’s and … Continue reading

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Cognitive Bias, and Why We Act the Way We Do

An interesting article from Gizmodo on why we exhibit certain behaviours which seem to defy rationality… …it’s important to distinguish between cognitive biases and logical fallacies. A logical fallacy is … Continue reading

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Preparing for a World We Cannot Envisage – Digital Disruption

Sixteen years ago I was in a linear teaching career. The parameters of what I did on a daily basis were very clear on most days. Since then I’ve had … Continue reading

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