The Learning Renaissance

The Neuroscience Behind Productive Struggle | Edutopia

Challenging tasks spur the production of myelin, a substance that increases the strength of brain signals. We sometimes treat learning like a switch that is turned on or off—either students … Continue reading

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How Nature Supports Children’s Learning

Perhaps the disconnect between nature and young people has revealed something that we all intrinsically know: that young people learn and thrive in nature. According to a world-first review by … Continue reading

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How the Different Fields of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science Fit Together | Open Culture

Ask anyone who’s pursued a career in the sciences what first piqued their interest in what would become their field, and they’ll almost certainly have a story. Source: How the … Continue reading

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A Periodic Table of the Elements in Pictures

A great infographic showing not only the chemical elements but also some of their uses…   View an interactive version here, and download pdf and hi-res version for print:

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Where Do Chemical Elements Come From?

A useful infographic illustrating the origins of the chemical elements. This should spark some great science-based enquiries…

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Chemio – A Student’s Chemical Reference

Chemio is an interactive app exploring the Periodic Table… Download the Chemio app in iTunes for £1.49, or Chemio Lite for free. Via ETML: A Great Interactive Periodic Table for … Continue reading

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Chemistry Infographics from Compound Interest

Compound Interest is a chemistry blog that offers colourful and engaging infographics like this fascinating example which describes the breakdown of chemical compounds in the paper. Source: Downloads at Compound … Continue reading

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