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The Characteristics of Inspiring Teachers

Download this infographic entitled Characteristics of Inspiring Teachers, here. The infographic comes from the publication Inspiring teachers: perspectives and practices, and the full report can be viewed on ResearchGate, the … Continue reading

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If you do one thing to end this school year successfully, watch this seminar.

It has been a long and difficult academic year bringing disruption and challenges which have, between them, thwarted the scope and pace of school development planning. End the year on … Continue reading

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The School Newspaper… with an online twist!

In an increasingly sterile knowledge-based curriculum, the school newspaper provides an opportunity for pupils to write creatively, purposefully and for an audience whilst embracing skills such as collaboration and teamwork … Continue reading

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Helpful Remote Teaching Tips and Resources for Teachers | ETML

One of the key questions that faces you as you make your transition to online education is that of resources. In order to make the best of your online teaching/learning … Continue reading

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How Nature Supports Children’s Learning

Perhaps the disconnect between nature and young people has revealed something that we all intrinsically know: that young people learn and thrive in nature. According to a world-first review by … Continue reading

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Just in Time for the Examination Preparation Period: Re-Examining Success by David Hughes

This is the new flyer to accompany my recently-released book: a systematic and learner-friendly way of digitising revision. There is a whole section on digitising revision and also making revision … Continue reading

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Estonia: How to do education effectively!

With the latest PISA figures published by the OECD now available, it might be worth considering one of the brightest stars in the educational firmament… Estonia. Estonia has come from … Continue reading

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Phil Rooke’s 15-minute Music Break: Music Building Learning!

I’ve been conversing with Phil Rooke on matters about the future of education for almost a decade and his passion and innovative insights never fail to impress me. At a … Continue reading

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Collaboration: The Future of Learning

The future of learning will be less about information transmission from teacher to student (pedagogy) and more about the student determining the how, the where and the when of learning … Continue reading

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The Value of a Teacher Mentor

Edutopia published this great guide to mentoring in the teaching profession – it should be the first thing discussed when a new teacher is appointed… Find that person who challenges, … Continue reading

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8 Things to Look for in Today’s Classroom | George Couros

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A Diagram of 21st Century Pedagogy | John Zermani | LinkedIn

Context matters, and the diagram from edorigami captures this, though not from the perspective of the student and content knowledge, but the teacher and various pedagogical components themselves, including Higher-Order … Continue reading

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Principles of effective networking

Originally posted on tenpencemore:
Networking is about face to face meetings as well as online activity through Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networking tools. Here are some basic tips for…

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Intros and Outros for the Classroom

Setting the tone and expectation for learning in the classroom will determine the success that students experience in the lesson. Such techniques establish routines and expectations for learning. Rebecca Alber outlines … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Outdoor Education

A constant criticism of classroom-based learning is that it divorces reality from the experience of learning. Learning is a second-hand experience – moderated by the teacher of the content of … Continue reading

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Promoting Effective Discussion

Our friends at A Pass Educational have bundled together some wise words and techniques on promoting effective discussion… Education has come a long way, but many educators continue to struggle … Continue reading

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Growth Mindset Explained

Carol Dweck’s work on growth mindset is gaining increasing traction in schools worldwide. Her work focuses on the attitudes and behaviours required to be a successful learner. Our friends at … Continue reading

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Preparing for a World We Cannot Envisage – Digital Disruption

Sixteen years ago I was in a linear teaching career. The parameters of what I did on a daily basis were very clear on most days. Since then I’ve had … Continue reading

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World Class STEM at Star City

For those serious about promoting world class Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Programmes, look no further than the offerings of the International Space School Education Trust. I’ve had the pleasure … Continue reading

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International Space Station FB page

This is a great link to the Facebook page of the International Space Station – wonders performed daily – and many with live TV links or pictures associated with them … Continue reading

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Inspiring Learning with Inquiry and Project-Based Learning Processes

Joshua Block wrote this inspiring insight into giving the student more power to discovery how to problem solve in a practical environment: Designing Learning That Matters | Edutopia

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Integrating Technology into Learning – A Coaching Model

It seems that every time I go to put digits to keyboard with a new blog at the moment, the good guys at Edutopia beat me to it. Here is … Continue reading

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Bullying Behaviour – What Neuroscience Can Teach Us

One of the things of which I was most proud from my time in senior leadership in an inner city school was some lateral thinking applied to bullying behaviour. I … Continue reading

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Balancing Learning: Turning STEM into STEAM

When looking to the skills required of the future, there is an understandable emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These subjects promote many of the key skills the future … Continue reading

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Visualising the Solar System

Scaling the solar system in a dry lake bed. Thanks for sharing ISSET!

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A Subject Close to My Heart – Empowering Students Through Multimedia Projects

As someone who in the past has trained reluctant teachers in the use of simple multimedia to develop learning efficacy, I find this a compelling read. Currently I am working … Continue reading

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Digital Citizenship – Some Key Dimensions

Mike Patterson outlines some key dimensions in Digital Citizenship and how we need to interact with the internet for learning, livelihood and engagement… read the full post here: Embracing the … Continue reading

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STEM Teen Tech Awards… message from Maggie Philbin

    The latest Teen Tech awards have been announced. They give young people the opportunity to develop STEM ideas in a national competition.

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Digital Learning – Taking Stock

It can sometimes be difficult to see a road map of digital learning because the technologies often obscure the learning processes. This report from Mindshift represents a useful aide mémoire for … Continue reading

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From STEM to Space for UK Students

Congratulations to the winning team at Mission Discovery #STEM summer school at King’s College London last week. Team Icarus won with their experiment idea to test if electricity generating bacteria, … Continue reading

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