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Common Courtesy… Or Supporting a Neurodiverse Person?

Some more clear thinking from Professor Amanda Kirby on the issue of supporting neurodiverse people in your school or company. Nothing revolutionary here, simple a rational and consistent approach to … Continue reading

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Behaviour Management: Some Thoughts

It has often struck me when I’ve seen parents reprimanding their children in public that it is often the parents who seem more out of control than their children. The … Continue reading

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Though For The Day: Challenging Behaviour

We forget this at our peril. Thank you to Dr Tina Rae for sharing this timely reminder about behaviour, and what it tells us, if only we would listen and … Continue reading

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SLANT Listening

The problem with listening is that too many people listen, simply with the intention of finding the gap with which to interject their own opinions. Deep listening, when you are … Continue reading

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The Value of the Comic Book Format in Learning

I recently waxed lyrical about a piece of software I’ve worked with over the last decade called Comic Life. It is the simplest and most powerful piece of software I’ve … Continue reading

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INSET Days and How Not to do them!

The start of a new term means there is likely to be an INSET day in the offing… Ross Morrison McGill wrote this article that got me thinking about the … Continue reading

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Making a drama out of a TB crisis | BBC News

In National Capital District, one of the worst affected areas in Port Moresby, 62-year-old Rodney Kove is using drama to teach children about TB. Having studied dance and theatre at … Continue reading

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Building Sentences – A Structured Approach

Having students understand the impact of their words is fundamental to enabling them to become great communicators. By deconstructing the task you can rebuild powerful sentences that achieve their purpose. … Continue reading

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Working with Parents

  For many schools their relationship with parents is confined to the annual Parents’ Evening and a communication when things go wrong.  Many successful schools recognise the importance of extending … Continue reading

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A Compendium of Skills Needed by 21st Century Learners

This is a neat summary by Bradley Kemp of the skills base which a 21st century learner will need to deploy. The question is: Are schools preparing students to develop … Continue reading

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Communication Strategies with Pen and Other Tools

We have touched before on the preoccupation of many controlling educational policy development on a restricted view of the need to develop writing as a means of communication, often to … Continue reading

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How do you use the LEGO brick to teach Literacy?

Our third and final LEGO Education UK post of the day.

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News, updates and insights from LEGO Education UK

Bookmark for more fascinating and engaging content: News, updates and insights from LEGO Education UK Blog

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LEGO Education for Primary Schools – StoryStarter

LEGO® Education StoryStarter is the helping hand that kick-starts pupils’ creativity and boosts their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills at Key Stages 1 and 2. Pupils work together to … Continue reading

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A Profile of 21st Century Learning from P21

Australian music educator sends this from the Antipodes as an overview of the structure of 21st century learning… You can download a pdf of this poster here, at P21:

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