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The Best Lessons… Accidents, Design and Spontaneity!

Some of the worst lessons I have taught have been those which I prepared in greatest detail. Like the battle plans that did not survive the first engagement with the … Continue reading

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I’m researching a book on examination preparation … can you help?

I’m currently researching a book I’ve been commissioned to write regarding the preparation of students for examinations. I’m reluctant to use the term ‘revision’ as it is the dichotomy between … Continue reading

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Behaviour Triggers for Children with Autism

Any educational professional who deals regularly with young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders will recognise these triggers to emotional reactions. Thank you to Daniel Sobel for sharing this…   Source:

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Mapping Our Way Home – The History and Function of Myths in Society

A great article on mapping which might not be quite what you expect from James Sale: Myths: Mapping Our Way Home | The Epoch Times

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Dire Predictions About the Future of Traditional Education Models

Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen has some stunning comments to make about traditional educational delivery models, and he is prepared to put a time scale on them. This fall, 19.9 … Continue reading

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An Interesting Graphic of the Wealth of Nations Begging Many Questions…

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Thought For The Day: Inspiration

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Energy and Calm: Brain Breaks and Focused-Attention Practices | Edutopia

When presented with new material, standards, and complicated topics, we need to be focused and calm as we approach our assignments. We can use brain breaks and focused-attention practices to … Continue reading

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Giving Learners Responsibility in Class

I like this idea, which is an extension of what goes on informally in most classrooms. I would want the roles to be rotated, with each role holder briefing the … Continue reading

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19 Teacher Instagram Hacks That Will Make This School Year The Best One Yet | Buzzfeed

Just a few ways to save your money, time, and patience. View the full list here: 19 Teacher Instagram Hacks That Will Make This School Year The Best One Yet … Continue reading

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Thought For the Day: The Value of Mindfulness in a Frantic World

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Growth Mindset: A Key to Future Learning – Sindu Sreebhavan Explains

Success is not the result of mere talent and intelligence. In fact, success is the result of how we fuel our skills with attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and habits. It is … Continue reading

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The Definition of Effective Leadership…

I’ve found in my experience, that the definition of the leader which includes the idea that everyone conforms to his/her expectations when they are around is a false one. The … Continue reading

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The End of Examinations As We Know Them?

The last few weeks have heralded a lot of national announcements about the traditional examination system. OFSTED has decried the examination factory culture of some English schools and is looking … Continue reading

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Children with problems or problem children? | BBC News

There’s nothing pleasant about being on the end of a child’s angry or aggressive outburst – whether you’re a parent or a teacher. And if that outburst happens in a … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Purpose

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The Shape of Things to Come and Why Education Must Change… and Quickly!

Peter Drucker’s quote encapsulates why formal education cannot continually use learning time to fill up little boxes of subject knowledge. The information is out there on the internet – a … Continue reading

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Building Future Learning Models

Thanks to Innovative Global Education for this template to help develop new and challenging templates for learning units. When teachers work together to develop new modules, and even better, collaborate … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Compassion

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Thought For The Day: The Importance of a Positive Mental Attitude

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Collaboration: The Future of Learning

The future of learning will be less about information transmission from teacher to student (pedagogy) and more about the student determining the how, the where and the when of learning … Continue reading

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Solutions to the CPD Issue

The problem with Continuous Professional Development is often that it is not continuous, isn’t professional and doesn’t address valid developmental issues. This prompt sheet gives some ideas as to how … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Windows

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Thought For The Day: Future Learning

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The Future

There seems to be a tide of disharmony running in the world at the moment, it runs habitually, but does not always rise high enough to involve western nations. The … Continue reading

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The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children: Signs and Symptoms

This useful infographic created by Terran Smith was shared by Daniel Sobel and illustrates the impact of domestic violence on children in terms of signs and symptoms they might display. … Continue reading

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Dealing with Trauma

At some point in your teaching career you will be confronted by a student or colleague coming to terms with a traumatic incident in their life. Sympathy and empathy will … Continue reading

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