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Thought For The Day: Mutual Support


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7 Deadly School Sins | TeacherToolkit

  I was amazed in the course of my school career about how much time was spent in busy work. Things which were done without question, and with little effectiveness. … Continue reading

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Future Learning Models – An End to Curriculum!

Seymour Papert was seeing it clearly two decades ago. The pace of change in knowledge is so fast that it is meaningless to build a curriculum on a foundation of … Continue reading

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Which Apps Are Safe for Kids? Three Tools That Read the Fine Print for You | EdSurge

Who has the time to read the fine print of terms and conditions… especially when it is an enticing new app which promises you the world? Well we certainly should … Continue reading

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The Emotional Energy Matrix in Your School

An interesting article from Joseph Little,┬á Director at CPC SYSTEMS LIMITED on the emotional energy matrix and its applications to organisations. It certainly rings true of every school I’ve worked … Continue reading

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Future Proof Your School: Cultural knowledge, in-house experience and project planning methodologies

Every learning organisation has a culture. This forms an underlying set of values and ways of doing things which determines how practice is maintained, and changes resisted or embraced. This … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Stigma

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What is Wrong With the School System…

The schools and reformed penal system of the nineteenth century had similar antecedents and moral drivers and came up with extraordinarily similar systems for the management of those in the … Continue reading

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Effective Coping Skills

Stress and depression seem to be increasingly impinging on the quality of student and teacher lives. Although the symptoms are readily recognisable, people are less aware of ways to cope … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Purpose of Education

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Are there any teachers out there who would encourage their students to pursue teaching?

An interesting article by Sandro Bellantone which hints at what is behind the teacher recruitment and retention crisis… Are there any teachers out there who would encourage their students to … Continue reading

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Teacher Mental Health in Your School: An Essential Audit Tool

Many thanks to the redoubtable Steve Waters for his kind permission to reproduce this essential and comprehensive mental health audit tool for your school. The current teacher recruitment and retention … Continue reading

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The Reasons Why Teachers (and Others) Leave Jobs…

This has certainly been my experience in education. Sadly, too many schools do not conduct effective induction and leaving programmes so that they can monitor this issue and take steps … Continue reading

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Managerialism and Micro-Management

The tendency for educational leaders to be overly-invested in exploring and manipulating data, without recourse to culture and learning represents one of the worst trends in international education. A second … Continue reading

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Effective Self-Management

Being able to rationalise all the forces acting on you in times of great pressure is a particularly useful coping strategy and a guide to where you should devote your … Continue reading

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Future Proof Your School 1: Why School INSET persistently fails to raise teaching and learning standards

I would preface my remarks here by saying that the basis for my observations in this article come from practice in the UK. However, conversations with colleagues in Australia, Canada … Continue reading

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The Power of Confidence

This is a useful exercise to try in CPD days. Ask your team to write down what they would do if they knew that they could not fail in their … Continue reading

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Feedback and the folly of book marking for teachers and students alike

Thanks to Jon Tait for this little insight into a debate that has been going on for generations in education. When I started teaching, I had an expectation, developed from … Continue reading

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Permission Slips for Teachers and Students

I was very taken by this sheet by┬á, recently shared by Finnish educator Pirjo Suhonen. I suggest we print and distribute to classes and the staff room, particularly the slip … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: What Makes a Great Leader

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Thought For The Day: Strategic Thinking

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Sabotaging Your Own Classroom!

These are all pretty effective ways to undermine your work in the classroom… usually it takes years to appreciate this. Middle school veteran Jennifer Gonzalez identifies 10 ineffective habits new … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Leadership

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Thought For The Day: The January Fresh Start

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