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Why India’s poorest children are falling further behind | BBC News

Ten-year old Laxmi may never return to school. When the first wave of Covid-19 hit India, in early 2020, her school closed its doors and now her parents can no … Continue reading

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Recovering from Learning Loss: Opportunity in a Crisis

The Coronavirus has given schools some daunting challenges, not least of which is the learning time lost due to illness and closed schools during the pandemic. There is an urgent … Continue reading

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The 1918 Pandemic Mistake That Changed Medicine Forever | National Geographic

A misunderstanding about the microbe that actually causes the flu created a ripple effect that changed the future of US drug development, clinical trials, and pandemic preparedness. Read more here: … Continue reading

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How School Leaders Can Build Realistic Optimism This Year | Edutopia

Amid the challenges of the past two years, a superintendent shares the four-step process he used to step back from his breaking point. …it seems we’ve all hit what feels … Continue reading

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The 10 Most Significant Education Studies of 2021 | Edutopia

From reframing our notion of “good” schools to mining the magic of expert teachers, here’s a curated list of must-read research from 2021 from Edutopia. Not surprisingly the main focus … Continue reading

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Work Mental Health + Performance | The Skill Collective

Research into the productivity costs of poor mental health on the workplace, as well as findings into the return on investment into mental health, build a case for the importance … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: How Common is Common Sense?

Spot the missing apostrophe. (posting for my esteemed editor!)

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How to Use a Class Google Site to Improve Organization and Engagement | Edutopia

This free tool helps students in the classroom and at home stay on the same page – and there are benefits for teachers as well. I have always prepared well … Continue reading

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BBC Sounds | Rethink

How the world should change after the coronavirus pandemic. Leading thinkers from across the globe give us their route maps to a better tomorrow. Discover the thought-provoking podcast here: BBC … Continue reading

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Class Reflection Activities to Close Out a Tough Year | Edutopia

After a challenging year of pandemic schooling, these activities help students reflect on what they’ve learned and look forward to what’s coming next. Read the article here: Class Reflection Activities … Continue reading

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Enduring Practices From Remote Teaching | Edutopia

After a year-long crash course in digital tools and remote teaching, a teacher reflects on what will stick in her brick-and-mortar classroom. A living agenda—one that is updated every day—supports … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: It’s In Our Hands…

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Virtual Teaching Practices to Bring Back to the Classroom | Edutopia

Remote teaching prompted teachers to find new ways to reach kids and build a feeling of community, and some of those will be well worth keeping. We take notes about what we … Continue reading

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Children read more challenging books in lockdowns | The Guardian

A new report on reading habits of more than one million children also finds they read longer books, particularly during school closures. The annual What Kids Are Reading report from … Continue reading

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Recovering from lockdown: Five tips to boost your child’s vocabulary

There is growing evidence that the lockdown has had an impact on young children’s language skills, according to research seen exclusively by BBC News. Assistant head teacher Victoria Day is … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Coronavirus vs the Work/Life Balance

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9 Principles of Student Engagement in a Virtual Classroom | TeachThought

For educators around the world, remote learning went from a boutique instructional option to a global necessity in a manner of months. And, while the majority of teachers and students … Continue reading

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NEU teachers: Scrap GCSEs and A levels to fight racism | TES

NEU members vote to call for an end to GCSEs and A levels in favour of assessment that includes ‘global perspectives’. “We are witnessing a huge push forward on anti-racism … Continue reading

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Coronavirus and UK Kids: A Newsround survey

BBC Newsround spoke to more than 2,000 children from all around the UK to find out how a year of coronavirus has affected young people. Take a look at the … Continue reading

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What the Pandemic Is Doing to Our Brains | The Atlantic

We have been doing this so long, we’re forgetting how to be normal. I’ve started keeping a list of questions, remnants of a past life that I now need a … Continue reading

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New children’s commissioner pledges to ‘rebuild’ childhood | BBC News

The new children’s commissioner for England wants to “rebuild childhood” after the disruption of the pandemic. Dame Rachel de Souza says the scale of the challenge is like reconstructing the … Continue reading

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How to Be a Warm Demander During the Pandemic | Edutopia

The concept of being a “warm demander” has been held as an ideal approach for educators to adopt, especially as they pursue more equitable practices in education. Balancing warmth and … Continue reading

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A Good Mantra for the Return to School…

I think that attitudes, behaviours and values will need to be re-established as pupils return to school. The return to school is an ideal time to re-establish positive communication and … Continue reading

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Back to school: How pupils feel about returning to class | BBC News

As millions of pupils in England return to school after lockdown, the BBC went to Chantry Academy – a secondary school in Ipswich – to find out how students felt. … Continue reading

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Covid-19: Last day of home-school is ‘end of an era’ | BBC News

After weeks of lessons at the kitchen table and in the lounge, how are parents and children feeling about their return to school on Monday? As Hannah watches daughter Mollie … Continue reading

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6 Free Resources for Virtual Field Trips | Edutopia

  Teachers can use panoramic photos and videos of locations all around the world to make lessons more engaging. Click through to find out more: 6 Free Resources for Virtual … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Remote Work Needs

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