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Twenty-Five Useful Thinking Tools | Scott H Young

You’re only as smart as your thinking tools. Here are twenty-five tools, drawn from different professions, you can apply to your most difficult challenges! Find them here: Twenty-Five Useful Thinking … Continue reading

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Why I’m glad that I’m an ‘overthinker’ | The Guardian

Examining every aspect of a question can be exhausting, but the most amazing insights can be gained that way, writes Annalisa Barbieri. If you are an overthinker, try not to … Continue reading

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What Fact-Checkers Know About Media Literacy – and Students Should Too | Edutopia

Professional fact-checkers use a strategy that’s at odds with how we usually teach information literacy. Here’s how to pass it on to your students. A fundamental problem, says Sam Wineburg, … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Truth About Social Media


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Boosting Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum | Edutopia

Visible thinking routines that encourage students to document and share their ideas can have a profound effect on their learning. Visible thinking routines can be an excellent and simple way … Continue reading

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Ukraine crisis: How to spot misleading information online | CBBC Newsround

BBC Specialist Disinformation Reporter Marianna Spring has some tips on how to spot what’s true and what’s false. Learn more on the BBC website here: Ukraine crisis: How to spot … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: How Common is Common Sense?

Spot the missing apostrophe. (posting for my esteemed editor!)

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The Importance of Media Literacy to a Functioning Democracy

Twenty years ago I attended a course designed to teach me how to use HyperText Mark-Up Language – a vital fluency if I was to design online educational pages for … Continue reading

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BBC Sounds | Rethink

How the world should change after the coronavirus pandemic. Leading thinkers from across the globe give us their route maps to a better tomorrow. Discover the thought-provoking podcast here: BBC … Continue reading

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The Mistake-Friendly Classroom | Edutopia

Learning from mistakes is crucial for growth. Here are a few ways teachers can prepare to take advantage of them. The key, though, is not stigmatizing mistakes—or the students who … Continue reading

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The Geo-Inquiry Process | National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Society has a five-step PBL model and resource library to foster deep learning The Geo-Inquiry Process relies on using a geographic perspective, offering a unique lens to … Continue reading

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Philosophy for Children – Enhancing Cognitive Skills

There have long been advocates of Philosophy for Children (P4C) who have promoted the idea that dealing with the elements of thinking in a rational and systematic way would promote … Continue reading

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Close Reading

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Hunting ‘Fake History’ and How To Spot False Historical Images Online | HistoryExtra

False information and images about the past can now spread more quickly than ever before. Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse, social media’s Fake History Hunter, explains more about the rise of ‘fake’ … Continue reading

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Why Teachers May Want to Try Writing as a Hobby | Edutopia

Engaging in writing—whether fiction or nonfiction—has immense benefits, including improved critical thinking and better memory. Whether you’re interested in beginning or you’re reworking your life as a writer, you might … Continue reading

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Thinking Is a Mess We Should Talk About | Edutopia

Great minds *don’t* think alike—which is why students need to witness examples of genuine thought in all its glorious and messy individuality. At its core, learning is a change in … Continue reading

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The Thinking Cube: Planning and Evaluating Learning

Thank you to Daniel Sobel for sharing this systematic approach to thinking and learning… This makes for far more logical planning and evaluation of learning modules and goes beyond bland … Continue reading

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Saga Briggs on Deeper Learning

As part of the perpetual challenge to improve the quality of learning, there is an increasing interface between educational research and metacognition to explore what has been termed the DEEPS … Continue reading

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Reversal: A New Thinking Tool for Problem-Solving and Designing Solutions

I’m always keen to promote new techniques in thinking skills, so this presentation put up by David Hall, Founder of the Ideas Centre, really rang my bell as a useful … Continue reading

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The Importance of System Thinking Skills for Learners of All Ages

BOLD is becoming one of my favourite online sources for leading-edge articles on the future of learning. The themes developed there are very much in line with the philosophy of … Continue reading

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Numbers and the tricks they play | BBC Academy

Numbers can be used to tell all sorts of stories. They can help show the scale of a particular problem or issue, illustrating whether it’s big or small. When you’re … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Question Everything

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A word of commendation for Plasq and Comic Life!

We’ve all been in those online conversations with customer relationship departments which seem to be endless, tedious, circuitous and fail to resolve a problem. It would be perhaps asking too … Continue reading

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17 Teaching Principles of Effective Instruction | TeacherToolkit

Thanks to Ross Morrison McGill’s powerful Teacher Toolkit site for republishing this document which first appeared in the American Educator in 2012, and providing a commentary to go with it. … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking Skills and a New Curriculum

Having taught History in secondary school, I always ensured I moved to schools which had adopted the School Council History Project (SCHP). Whereas many schools were happy to treat History … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Purpose of Education

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The Link Between Genius and Critical Thinking

MACAT critical thinking shows how leading thinkers used critical thinking in their thought processes… We know them as geniuses, eccentrics, independent spirits, or even rebels. But what they all have … Continue reading

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Creative Problem-Solving Techniques: Reversal

Developing creative approaches to problem-solving is clearly a key area for learning development. Here, a technique used in engineering is explained in a short presentation. Dr David Hall explains the … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking in Two Minutes

An interesting short video on critical thinking…. The Thinking Coach – Leadership Training Development

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