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Helpful Remote Teaching Tips and Resources for Teachers | ETML

One of the key questions that faces you as you make your transition to online education is that of resources. In order to make the best of your online teaching/learning … Continue reading

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An Overview of a 21st Century Curriculum

Andrew Churches published this overview a few years back on and it stands today as a model for 21st century learning.  We first shared it on this blog back … Continue reading

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25 Inspirational Quotes for Teachers | e-Learning Infographics

The 25 Inspirational Quotes for Teachers Infographic is a collection of quotes that honour, uplift, and motivate educators of every kind all over the world. Source: 25 Inspirational Quotes for … Continue reading

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Building a Digital Portfolio | ETML

Via: Best Practices for Building A Digital Portfolio | ETML And here are some great suggestions for apps to get you started: 6 of The Best Tools for Creating Digital … Continue reading

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An Excellent Tool to Help You Stay Focused | ETML

Internet addiction can be a serious productivity killer. The net is full of all kinds of digital distractions and unless you know how to effectively manage your online time, you … Continue reading

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Fundamental Digital Skills for Teachers… and the Tools to Develop Them

This simple infographic gives teachers insights into the digital skills they need to develop to be able to offer a 21st century learning experience for their students. Helpfully there are … Continue reading

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Blended Learning Explained

This infographic explains what Blended Learning is, and gives pointers as to how it can be incorporated into the diet of school-based learners… Source: An Interesting Visual Featuring Blended Learning … Continue reading

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Bloom’s Taxonomy – Digital Pathways

This is an incredibly useful summary on how to apply digital resources to scale Bloom’s Taxonomy. Thank you to our friends at Educator’s Technology for their work in compiling this. … Continue reading

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Free Templates to Create Newspapers and Magazines

Source: Google Docs Newspaper Templates Source: Blank Newspaper Templates | PaperZip Source: Editable Newspaper Powerpoint Template | Presentation Magazine Source: Newspaper Templates Primary Resources | Twinkl Source: Newspaper Templates | … Continue reading

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Learning Resources on YouTube

Some great learning resources on YouTube, courtesy of our friends at Educational  Technology and Mobile Learning. All the links provided below will open in a new window.   Categoryscien YouTube Channels … Continue reading

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Human Anatomy Resources

ETML have curated a collection of the most popular apps in for studying anatomy. These apps will particularly help students explore the human body through 3D  graphics and interactive content. (Please note … Continue reading

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3 Google Scholar Tips Every Student Should Know About | ETML

The strength of Scholar lies in the numerous hidden features that are usually overlooked by many students. These features enable you to conduct smart and targeted search queries that can … Continue reading

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10 New Educational Tools for Teachers | ETML

This month’s series of New EdTech Tools and Apps for Teachers features some interesting tools to use in your teaching. Some of the things you can do with these applications … Continue reading

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Educational Theories Explored – An Index of the Most Influential Theories Informing Learning Design

Without a coherent and consistent theory to underpin learning, you risk each lesson or learning episode becoming a stand alone and random opportunity. Our friends at Educational Technology and Mobile Learning have referred … Continue reading

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A TPACK-based Approach for Effective Integration of Technology

Much has been written about the appropriate ways to integrate technology into learning in ways that inform choice and improve learning performance. This Venn diagram explores the relationships that have … Continue reading

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10 Excellent Google Drive Apps Teachers Should Try This School Year | ETML

Those lovely folk at ETML have gathered a selection of some of the best educational Google Drive apps to use in your instruction. All of these apps have been covered … Continue reading

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Chemio – A Student’s Chemical Reference

Chemio is an interactive app exploring the Periodic Table… Download the Chemio app in iTunes for £1.49, or Chemio Lite for free. Via ETML: A Great Interactive Periodic Table for … Continue reading

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Leonardo Da Vinci: Anatomy

I used to teach a History of Medicine course as part of the UK School Council History Project. Within it I would cover the work of Leonardo Da Vinci in … Continue reading

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Literacies for the 21st Century

A recent post concerned the concept of ‘illusterate’ – a term coined by former colleague David Close to mean those without and illustrative acuity. The concept of literacy when applied … Continue reading

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Blended Learning: How Can Online Technology be Integrated into the Learning Diet of Students?

This infographic, based on US experience, explores a range of models of blended learning. The blended element involves how far online technology is used in the learning programme. As well as being … Continue reading

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Mathematics to Inspire, by TED

It has always surprised me how people would feel ashamed if they believed their literacy skills were below par, but almost revel in their ‘issues’ with Maths and an inability to do … Continue reading

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Two Templates to Create Faux Facebook Pages

Via ETML, these are two Google Docs templates created by Derrick Waddell that students can use to create Facebook pages for famous literary characters or historical figures. This is an … Continue reading

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Documentaries to Support Teaching

Access more than 200 free documentaries online. The documentaries cover most curriculum areas in schools, including music and cinema, literature, religion, politics and physics. They’re thought-provoking, eye-opening, and enlightening. Find … Continue reading

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Maths Apps for Primary Schools

I was very taken with these Maths apps – they do some great conceptual work in primary schools. For more details and links to the apps, visit ETML: 10 Useful … Continue reading

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Understanding Digital Literacies – A Practical Introduction

Understanding Digital Literacies – A Practical Introduction, authored by Rodney H Jones and Christoph A Hafner, explores digital literacy and 21st century learning.   The distance between their thinking and … Continue reading

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Six Fluency Areas for 21st Century Students | ISTE

This document from ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) features the six major fluencies (standards) students need to develop in the 21st century classroom. It mirrors research and development work elsewhere … Continue reading

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The History and Development of Experiential Learning

A major issue with current education in schools is that it is mostly theoretically based and does not impact on the lives of young people, often leaving them disillusioned and … Continue reading

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What is Behind the Flipped Classroom?

There has been much talk of the concept of the ‘flipped classroom’ as a way forward in learning. What does this entail? At its simplest, the flipped classroom makes students … Continue reading

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The 21st Century Worker and the Skills Required of Them

If we recognise that the world of work, and the skills required to function within it has changed radically in the past twenty years, what skills and competences will those … Continue reading

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Assessing the 21st Century Student

This rubric gives a flavour of how the 21st century student will need to be assessed if their education is to equip them for life and work in the future… … Continue reading

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