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How to Choose Words That Motivate Students During Online Learning | Edutopia

Framing assignments in student-centric rather than teacher-centric ways can encourage engagement and persistence in learning. Consider the barriers that may impact student learning at home: lack of internet, devices, and support. … Continue reading

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Helping Teachers Feel More Confident About Distance Learning | Edutopia

Teachers will be more successful at remote instruction if they believe they can do it, and school leaders can boost their sense of efficacy. Source: Helping Teachers Feel More Confident About … Continue reading

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7 Classroom Management Mistakes and the Research on How to Fix Them | Edutopia

Misbehavior may also be a healthy part of a child’s social and emotional development. When children reach adolescence, their allegiances shift from adults to peers, and their abstract thinking skills … Continue reading

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Lessons From a Summer of Teaching in a Hybrid Classroom | Edutopia

When some students are in class and others are attending live online, teachers have unique challenges and opportunities. As schools have entered a new normal during the Covid-19 pandemic, the … Continue reading

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3 Lessons on Classroom Management Learned as a New Teacher | Edutopia

Many new teachers are told they need to be more strict, but that may not be the best advice for everyone. I remember well the challenge of being a new teacher … Continue reading

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Ways to Make Teaching a More Sustainable Profession | Edutopia

Tips for school leaders seeking to foster an environment that supports, engages, and motivates teachers. With each day that I work with teachers, I am more convinced that it is vital … Continue reading

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How White Teachers Can Support BIPOC Colleagues | Edutopia

Many educators have, in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, been introduced to the concept of culturally responsive teaching (CRT) and to authors such as Geneva Gay—who coined … Continue reading

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10 Things Great School Leaders Do Over the Summer | Edutopia

Strategies school leaders can use to reflect and prepare to make the next school year successful. Great school leaders aren’t measured by how much they accomplish from August to June, but rather, … Continue reading

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Distance Learning FAQ: Solving Teachers’ and Students’ Common Problems | Edutopia

Lessons learned from problems during remote learning can help inform teaching and learning this fall. Read the full article here: Distance Learning FAQ: Solving Teachers’ and Students’ Common Problems | … Continue reading

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The Science Behind Brain Breaks | Edutopia

Research shows that breaks can provide more than rest. Use them to boost creativity, cognitive function, and social skills. Read more here: The Science Behind Brain Breaks | Edutopia   … Continue reading

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Getting Ready to Teach in K-12 Schools Next Year | Edutopia

There’s a lot of uncertainty about the 2020–21 school year, but planning for a mix of remote and in-person instruction will help educators be ready. As we move beyond crisis management … Continue reading

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If We Want Bookworms, We Need to Get Beyond Leveled Reading | Edutopia

When it comes to nurturing kids’ love of reading, research suggests variety, choice—and encouragement to stretch—can make a difference. Matching kids with “just right” books—texts they can read comfortably—has been … Continue reading

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Summative Assessment in Distance Learning | Edutopia

Whether schools are using regular grades or not, teachers need to accurately assess learning while their students are at home. These are some helpful ideas to consider from Andrew Miller … Continue reading

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How to Do Formative Assessment in Distance Learning | Edutopia

Formative assessment at a distance is challenging but possible, and we still need to check for understanding and provide meaningful feedback. The practices we use will look and sound different … Continue reading

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4 Key Aspects of Teaching a K–12 Online Class | Edutopia

What an educator with experience teaching online has learned about structuring students’ online and offline experiences and how to provide feedback to keep the learning going. Read the article here: … Continue reading

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The Neuroscience Behind Productive Struggle | Edutopia

Challenging tasks spur the production of myelin, a substance that increases the strength of brain signals. We sometimes treat learning like a switch that is turned on or off—either students … Continue reading

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Keeping Students Engaged in Digital Learning | Edutopia

Whether you’re new to teaching online or a veteran, these six tips can help you make sure your students stay connected and immersed in learning. via: Keeping Students Engaged in … Continue reading

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New Studies Link the Arts to Crucial Cognitive Skills | Edutopia

What happens to our brains ‘on art’? New studies – often backed by brain imaging technology – are beginning to dial in on the answers. Via: New Studies Link the … Continue reading

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DIY Ways to Meet a Child’s Sensory Needs at Home | Edutopia

Occupational therapists and trauma-informed teachers weigh in on how to create sensory tools and spaces with what you have at home. The coronavirus pandemic has upended all students’ day-to-day routines, … Continue reading

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How to Support Home Learning in Elementary Grades | Edutopia

A first and second grade teacher shares his home learning plan for his students and how he is engaging their families. Read the full article here: How to Support Home Learning … Continue reading

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4 Tips for Teachers Shifting to Teaching Online | Edutopia

An educator with experience in distance learning shares what he’s learned: Keep it simple, and build in as much contact as possible. The coronavirus has caused widespread school closures for … Continue reading

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During Coronavirus, a Teacher Describes the Scramble to Go Digital | Edutopia

In Bergen County, New Jersey, just outside New York City, a school closure pushes teachers to confront the challenges of online learning. At the end of school two days ago, I … Continue reading

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