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Huge Emotions and the Adolescent Brain | Edutopia

Teachers can use clips from the movie Turning Red to explore with students the ways adolescence changes the brain. Read more here: Huge Emotions and the Adolescent Brain | Edutopia

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Thought For #EmpathyDay

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What is Empathy? #EmpathyDay

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Supporting Children’s Emotional Resilience

Source: Flourishing Homes & Families | Facebook

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Finishing Class Strong With Optimistic Closures | Edutopia

The best closing activities use social and emotional practices to reinforce the day’s lessons, so students leave feeling confident – and competent – on their learning journey. Via: Finishing Class … Continue reading

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Swimming Against the Tide to Establish Emotional Resilience

Capitalism has at its heart the idea of markets and consumers, of enterprise designed to deliver profit. However, there is a fatal flaw in the capitalist model in that you … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Emotional Resilience and Mental Health in Schools

Many moons ago, when our children were due to be born, Jane and I attended National Childbirth Trust classes. Our mentor used to set aside some quiet time in the … Continue reading

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Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace the Small World Rule to Achieve Huge Goals |

The small world rule is an emotionally intelligent way to stay the course when you feel overworked, overwhelmed, and close to giving up. What had once sounded fun had become … Continue reading

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A Template for Emotional Intelligent Working in a Social Setting

In a social setting, how we conduct ourselves will determine the quality of society we enjoy. Likewise, the culture of a social organisation like a school can support individuals to … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Citizenship Defined

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6 Must-Watch TEDx Talks to Kick Off the School Year | Edutopia

In less than 20 minutes each, these six brilliant TEDx Talks explore topics like chronic exhaustion, cultural identity, and emotional intelligence, among others. Via: 6 Must-Watch TEDx Talks to Kick … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Be That Girl

Mutual support is a public good – everyone is enriched and no-one is reduced in stature by it…

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The Acute Learning Opportunity… Otherwise Known as a Mistake

I saw an insightful poster in my library last week. It said that creativity was the determination to persevere through your mistakes by taking chances and that art was the … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Classroom Management Made Simple…

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A Different View of the Purpose of Learning: New Zealand – Wellbeing as a Curriculum Foundation

Too often questions about the purpose and direction of learning are confounded by existing building blocks. The most resistant to change being the curriculum content that constrains the scope for … Continue reading

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It’s the Way You Say It…

What you give will determine what you get… think about how you phrase things as it will determine the engagement of students… Further reading: Positive Language in the Classroom | … Continue reading

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Emotional Intelligence Mapping

An interesting schema of Emotional Intelligence which echoes the London Tube Map…  Find out more here, including a deeper delve into the Stress Line: Emotional Intelligence Mapping | Stress Line … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Bad Kids?

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Why Shaming Children to Change Their Behaviour Doesn’t Work

I have a long and detailed memory and can remember the few occasions on which my behaviour brought forth a rebuke from a teacher. Perhaps the most embarrassing occasion was … Continue reading

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Bereavement Counselling in Schools

A thoughtful question from Daniel Sobel on LinkedIn: Do our schools need more training in how to support children and families in bereavement? The first reply was a plaintive cry, … Continue reading

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Behaviour Management: Looking Below the Surface and Acting the Adult

If classroom management is seen in essentially adversarial terms, then learning will be the first casualty. The desire of the teacher to impose their will on a class of thirty … Continue reading

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