The Learning Renaissance

Current CPD Pathways in UK Schools

This useful overview of current CPD pathways comes from Quintin Kynaston. One important element not touched on here is the format of the CPD in terms of it being an … Continue reading

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How the exam system sets up neuro-diverse students to fail

This is a really important piece by Jules Daulby regarding the double jeopardy that students with learning and behavioural issues, which she encompasses in the term neuro-diverse students, face in … Continue reading

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Future Proof Your School now available to pre-order!

You can obtain copies of the new book on culture, school improvement and change management, Future Proof Your School at: Future Proof your School on Amazon Additionally, you can look … Continue reading

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INSET Days and How Not to do them!

The start of a new term means there is likely to be an INSET day in the offing… Ross Morrison McGill wrote this article that got me thinking about the … Continue reading

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Learning Styles Myth Debunked

Over a decade ago the idea that students exhibited learning styles was gaining ground. The underlying assumption was that students had a preferred learning style with might involve receiving written … Continue reading

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Illusterate – the Graphical Equivalent of Illiterate or Innumerate

In my first teaching post I had the privilege of working with David Close, a superb artist and educator who went on from Swavesey Village College to lecture in higher … Continue reading

June 1, 2015 · 6 Comments

Neuroscience and Learning – Issues and Nuances

One of the key components of the Learning Renaissance is the idea that our growing understanding of how the brain works in learning will give us insights that will help … Continue reading

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Continuous Professional Development in Schools – Failing to Deliver?

I’ve noticed in conversations with colleagues in other countries that there is some disillusionment with the quality of access to, and impact of, professional development opportunities for serving teachers. Too … Continue reading

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