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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Leader | George Couros

Source: 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Leader | George Couros

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The Looming Crisis in the English Schools System

An equitable funding formula is critical to a well performing school system. Without it, money tends to be attracted to the large leafy suburban schools, purely on the basis of … Continue reading

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The 5 Stages of Innovation

This is a really simple and clear schematic of the stages of generating innovation. I would suggest it should be on the wall of every educational leader as the cultural … Continue reading

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WomenEd: Connecting Existing + Aspiring Women Leaders in Global Education

A useful group for Women in Education.

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Servant Leadership

A graphical introduction to the key questions in servant leadership from Emily Lyons…

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WAIT – Self and Group Discipline in Meetings

We’ve all been in those interminable meetings which drift off agenda and have irrelevant contributions. This chart might be a way forward to use time more effectively… The full rticle … Continue reading

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An interview with the Finnish Education Minister explaining their guiding philosophy

  Finland is often held up as the most effective education system in the world. The cultural drivers of the system are as least as important as the structural aspects … Continue reading

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Asperger Syndrome and the Sensory Funnel

This is a terrific schema for developing your students who have Asperger’s Syndrome. Read more about The Sensory Funnel here: Why you should never focus on teaching someone with Asperger’s social skills first … Continue reading

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Support World Autism Week!

In all my years of teaching I never received any specific training in Autism Awareness. That means that I was unable to support those students in my classes who had … Continue reading

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As a Leader, How Should You Spend Your Days?

What does the day of the effective leader look like? It could look exceptionally crowded with busy work or filled with meetings which don’t reach conclusions. Certainly time management is … Continue reading

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Leadership Communication

Forming and maintaining great and motivated teams requires a caring set of relationships epitomised by questions like these. Asked regularly and sincerely, they form a growing bond of trust and … Continue reading

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School Heads Share Concerns in England

Despite the fragmentation of the education estate in England which has been caused by government privatisation policies designed to turn all schools run by local authorities into Academies, Headteachers are … Continue reading

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The Mechanics of Change Leadership in Schools

Promoting development in schools is fraught with challenges and leaders need to have a clear strategy to include all players and understand their perception of change. This infographic from Garry … Continue reading

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Schools ‘could be 19,000 heads and deputies short by 2022’ | BBC News

Education charities warn schools in England could be short of 19,000 heads and deputies by 2022. The Future Leaders Trust, Teach First and Teaching Leaders say the new leaders will … Continue reading

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A Sad Tale of the Dismantling of State Education Accountability

In the UK the current government policy is to strip schools from the local accountability of the county councils and pass over control of schools to Academy Trusts. A similar … Continue reading

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Managerial Leadership

There is one school of thought about educational leadership that suggests that the ‘product’ of schools is the same as that in any industrial production unit and that by manipulating … Continue reading

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Habits of the Effective Educator

The work of Steven Covey has been seminal in focussing attention on the common traits of successful leaders. In an educational context, this infographic might inspire some changes of habits at … Continue reading

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Managing the Arrival of a New Principal

The arrival of a new principal at your school is a significant moment for both the principal and the staff. It may herald fast and profound cultural change and, depending … Continue reading

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Educational Leadership 101

  We have linked to the talks given by TED many times. As examples of the use of media to deliver profound messages in a simple format there are few … Continue reading

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The Surprising Link Between Laughter and Learning | Fast Company

Relaxing is key to learning. Learning is key to leadership. Laughter unlocks both. When we laugh, we relax. As anxiety decreases, our capacity to retain information expands. Jokes also prompt … Continue reading

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Models of Leadership by Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman’s work on leadership goes some way to explaining how the leadership values and concerns help shape the culture of an organisation, be it a school or a more … Continue reading

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Qualities and Competences of a Learning Leader

Governors and teachers would do well to bear this infographic in mind when making appointments. It emphasises the dimensions of leadership in the 21st century school…

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Controlled Failure – Building Resilient and Resourceful Students

I’d have to admit that the greatest lessons I learnt at school were always motivated by failure, or fear of failure.  Those were the experiences that changed my mind-set, my … Continue reading

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Whole School Coaching Strategy

As has been stated before, “Culture beats strategy hands down in school leadership” so it was interesting to see this post from Hannah Wilson of the Harris Federation Teaching Alliance … Continue reading

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Building Staff Rapport With Flash Lessons | Edutopia

A hands-on administrator asks teachers to become students for a class period and, at his prompting, model trust, academic risk taking, and camaraderie. The spirit of the flash lesson is, … Continue reading

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Leadership and the Arts – the Counterpoint to STEM

A short and informative article by John Zermani promoting the role of Arts in the development of leadership: An artful leader must know how to lead people creatively. Since all … Continue reading

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A Compendium of Skills Needed by 21st Century Learners

This is a neat summary by Bradley Kemp of the skills base which a 21st century learner will need to deploy. The question is: Are schools preparing students to develop … Continue reading

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