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Attributes of Successful Schools in the Digital Age | The Tech Edvocate

I think this may be rather putting the cart before the horse in terms of assuming the significant attributes of schools are their use of digital technologies. It takes more … Continue reading

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The Learning Deeps – David Hargreaves and Redesigning Schools

Professor David Hargreaves at Cambridge University attempted to reset the discussion of learning using new and more elaborate paradigms than were in general use. His terminology gradually became defined as … Continue reading

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Some Principles in Designing Learning Spaces – Rosen Bosch

When working on the Building Schools for the Future programme we always used to talk about learning spaces, even when teachers talked about classrooms. The standard classroom can be a … Continue reading

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The 21st Century Classroom – Some Starters

One of the most depressing aspects of working in the UK government’s Building Schools of the Future programme was the paucity of vision presented by many Headteachers  in the initial … Continue reading

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Why Good Schools Are Happy Places | HuffPost

Consider all that occurs in the short span of ten minutes at the start of each day at my son’s school. Students participate in a community that values play, song, … Continue reading

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Routine, Ritual, and School Community | Edutopia

Build a positive school culture and climate for students and staff alike by creating expectations around constructive routines and fun rituals. Read the full article here: Routine, Ritual, and School … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: The Education System

Little wonder that many schools operate a full pastoral system separate from their academic endeavours when the structure of the learning establishment shares such dubious antecedents…

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Poor school buildings ‘damaging pupils’ health and education’ | BBC News

Too many UK pupils are trying to learn in classrooms that are damaging their health and their education, say architects. And too many teachers are quitting, blaming stressful and overcrowded … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Cultural Norms

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How PARENTS can support learning at home

Originally posted on ace-d:
? A time of exams and a time of testing Here in the UK we are rapidly moving towards the Y11 and Y13 examination or key…

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Teachers survey finds more pupils ‘going to school hungry’ | BBC News

An increasing number of pupils in Scotland are going to school hungry and in some cases are stealing food from classmates, according to teachers. Teaching union the EIS carried out … Continue reading

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The Relationship Between Environment and Learning: Brain Labs

Whilst working on the Building Schools for the Future programme in England we were able to consider the sort of spaces a schools required to actively promote learning. Until the … Continue reading

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Feng Shui for Primary Learning

The discovery, news, supplies, community, quiet, teacher, and subject area zones will help you establish routines, save time, and maintain your sanity from the first through the last days of … Continue reading

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