The Learning Renaissance

The Shape of Things to Come…

If anything summed up the attitude to education/learning development of the Learning Renaissance team, it is this infographic. However, it should be qualified. There are, in fact, no times of … Continue reading

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If You Can’t Reach Them You Can’t Teach Them – Building Effective Learning Relationships by Kevin Hewitson | Critical Publishing

So good to see friend and colleague Kev Hewitson’s book finally in print. The ideas behind the book have been over twenty years in the making and bring his extensive … Continue reading

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Student Agency and the Implications

When a curriculum comprehensively defines what, when and how learning will take place, it takes away initiative from the learner. Such a curriculum has building blocks of knowledge, which may … Continue reading

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The Problem with the Education System

This short cartoon originally came appended to an article on examinations. I thought it was profound enough to merit a place of its own as a statement about the root … Continue reading

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Change the Assessment, Change the Engagement

It used to strike me when I was first introduced to transactional analysis that assessment regimes operated in a similar way. Classic transactional analysis operates in three states in a … Continue reading

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Neuroscience, Behaviour and Motivation

Our friends at Edutopia, and Judy Willis in particular, have put together this short paper on using neuroscientific principles to ensure that students are engaged and motivated across the span … Continue reading

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Lesson Planning 101 | Ac-Ed

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? It may appear simple to say that there has to be a beginning, middle and end but is important that we do not miss any…

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WHY? | Ac-Ed

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Why dedicate yourself to introducing and promoting a way of thinking about, and going about, teaching and learning? I was asked this question and have been…

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LQ and a Learning Mindset

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Part 1 Our beliefs, values and experience amongst other things impact how successful we are when we undertake tasks. How we behave when involved in activities…

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The Teacher: Are they the only redeeming feature of the educational environment in our schools? | Ac-Ed

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It is fair to say not all learners thrive in the educational environment of the school. Do we though, instead of investigating and remedying this situation,…

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Why Learning Intelligence? By Kevin Hewitson | The Staffroom

“To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle”    George Orwell Sometimes the obvious is on our doorstep, often ignored and rarely noticed.  So it … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Symptoms in Education Terms

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In education it is more often than not that we treat the symptom and ignore the underlying cause.  In life we will often hide the true cause…

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Using Learning Intelligence* to leverage learning

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What does being a better learner mean? If I asked you the same in terms of football, or any other sport you would more than likely…

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Schools Reinvented, or Rather Learning Reinvented

An interesting presentation from School House about reinventing schools for the 21st century. Amazing how often people say “changing schools” when what they really mean is “changing learning”…

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Controlled Failure – Building Resilient and Resourceful Students

I’d have to admit that the greatest lessons I learnt at school were always motivated by failure, or fear of failure.  Those were the experiences that changed my mind-set, my … Continue reading

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An Even Better Way | Ac-Ed

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Schools are pushing students at this time of year to make or exceed their target grades. A great deal goes on both during school, after school…

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How to Learn Anything | Ac-Ed

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Sometime ago I came across a TED Blog  by Krystian Aparta about an “Open Translation Project” where translators shared their secrets to mastering a foreign language. …

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What happens when we interfere with the learning relationship?

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The Learning Relationship explained Let’s start by explaining what a “learning relationship” is. This graphic is my way of showing how the responsibility for learning should, over time,…

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The Purpose of School

A very simple infographic via Dylan Wiliam explaining the importance of an education based on attitudes, behaviours and competences rather than simply content-based learning… Source: Visual Thinkery – Bryan Mathers

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The One and Only Learning Theory That Counts Is… Part 5 | Ac-Ed

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The way forward in overcoming the “one way”  or benefiting from “other ways”. How can learners deal with the one way if schools and teachers are…

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The One and Only Learning Theory That Counts Is… Part 4 | Ac-Ed

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Part 4.  The impact of the no one learning environment cont. A blame culture, the ultimate outcome of the “one way”. Earlier I explored the impact…

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The One and Only Learning Theory That Counts Is… Part 3 | Ac-Ed

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Why there is no one learning environment and no one environment that meets all learning needs. Over the years teachers have been asked to plan and…

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The One and Only Learning Theory That Counts Is… Part 2 | Ac-Ed

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? As a result of our desire in education to find the magic bullet, the one way to teach and ideal way to learn that will…

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The One and Only Learning Theory That Counts Is… Part 1 | Ac-Ed

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How we see ourselves as a learner has a significant impact on the “what” and the “how” when we are in a learning mode. But how…

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Learning Quotient

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The skills, attitudes, attributes and behaviours you need to take control of your own learning environment. There is a truth in education, we believe in “ability“,…

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Learning Intelligence (LQ): A Working Definition from Kevin Hewitson

Returning to the theme of learning for the new millennium, I have been much taken by the work of Kevin Hewitson on the concept of Learning Intelligence (LQ). Kevin and … Continue reading

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Seven Ways in Which Stories Power Learning | Clive Shepherd on LinkedIn

I was very taken with an article by Clive Shepherd that appeared on LinkedIn regarding stories powering learning. Storytelling is a well-proven way of embedding learning as a story provides … Continue reading

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Re-imagining Work and Learning

Although I don’t fully subscribe to the utilitarian notion that the purpose of education is to prepare the next generation for work, it remains a significant consideration in the minds … Continue reading

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Visualising Comparative History

I’m always engaged with different ways to visualise History, so this graphical representation really sparked my interest. We tend to compartmentalise history by nationality or dominant culture so to have … Continue reading

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