The Learning Renaissance

Why Project-Based Learning (PBL)?

One particularly difficult task for schools to maintain during the Covid 19 pandemic has been learning continuity. Part of this difficulty is self-imposed by secondary schools tending to structure learning … Continue reading

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The Thinking School: Some Insights from Kulvarn Atwel

In the midst of crises in recruitment and retention and teacher workload there are always people prepared to be innovative in searching for new learning paradigms. My partner, Jane, brought … Continue reading

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A word of commendation for Plasq and Comic Life!

We’ve all been in those online conversations with customer relationship departments which seem to be endless, tedious, circuitous and fail to resolve a problem. It would be perhaps asking too … Continue reading

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Metacognition in Context: How Learners Put Themselves in the Learning

Two students do not approach the same problem from the same direction. Their approach is determined by their metacognitive sense of identity as a learner. To be effective their learning … Continue reading

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Controlled Failure – Building Resilient and Resourceful Students

I’d have to admit that the greatest lessons I learnt at school were always motivated by failure, or fear of failure.  Those were the experiences that changed my mind-set, my … Continue reading

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Digital Darwinism and Schooling

An interesting rejoinder from Mal Lee and Roger Broadie… In 2016 only a handful of schools globally have normalised the whole school use of the digital, trusted all its members … Continue reading

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Digital Learning – Taking Stock

It can sometimes be difficult to see a road map of digital learning because the technologies often obscure the learning processes. This report from Mindshift represents a useful aide mémoire for … Continue reading

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A New Welsh Curriculum… Areas of Experience, and the Role of the Arts

I’m unsure how far this has gone towards implementation, but if the Welsh Assembly is thinking this way then it could make for some interesting times for learners in Wales, … Continue reading

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The National Curriculum Revisited

It is 27 years since the National Curriculum was enacted by Kenneth Baker. It was, rightly or wrongly, a bold move to codify the content that should be placed before … Continue reading

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Part 4: What if everything we thought we knew about learning was wrong?

Originally posted on ace-d:
What are the influences of the industrial and technological revolutions on education? Another way of looking at this question is, “Are we doing what we should…

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The Six Cs Underpinning Effective 21st Century Learning

… and not one of them starts from prescribed curriculum content! Redefining learning as the development of attitudes, behaviours and competences allows for the development of a curriculum defined as skills … Continue reading

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Resolution by Ambrose Conway

From my own perspective, and that of young teachers coming into the profession. I have always been fascinated by the process by which a student becomes a teacher. The development … Continue reading

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How to Build a 21st Century Curriculum… And How To Assess It

If you were designing a curriculum from scratch that reflected the world that young people will need to thrive and survive within how would you go about it? Those that … Continue reading

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Learning Styles – An Outline and an Advisory Warning

In an earlier editorial piece about the contribution of neuroscience to practical learning strategies I referred to the misuse of learning styles in the classroom. The article associated with the … Continue reading

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The Revolution That’s Changing the Way Your Child is Taught | The Guardian

A thought-provoking view of the role of the teacher in the modern classroom. Thanks to Phil Rooke for drawing this article to our attention. I suppose the question is… are … Continue reading

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Applied Cognitive Neuroscience Resources

The development of our understanding of how the brain works in learning forms a major element of the flowering of the new learning renaissance. Unfortunately, the cognitive theorists are often … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking in Schools – Some Resources

Cybrary Man has compiled a vast collection of links to valuable insights and pedagogical resources to support the development of critical thinking in a school context… Visit Cybrary Man’s links … Continue reading

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Building New Learning Paradigms

Some thoughts on new learning paradigms and how to organise to deliver them…   Read more at Putting Students on Paths to 21st-Century Success

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Real Learning – A Practical STEM Project

This is a US example of making learning real by giving it a practical outcome which has an impact on the environment and gives a real life implication for class … Continue reading

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Mike Wesch | Rethinking Education (YouTube)

A comprehensive overview of new paradigms of learning today and for the future… This video was produced as a contribution to the EDUCAUSE book, The Tower and the Cloud: Higher … Continue reading

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