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KS2 English: CBBC Book Club | BBC Teach

CBBC Book Club is all about celebrating books and getting excited about reading! Each month Rhys Stephenson is joined by authors, illustrators and celebrities to talk about their latest books, … Continue reading

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KS2 English | Marcus Rashford – The Breakfast Club Adventures | BBC Teach

BBC Teach have partnered with the National Literacy Trust to help teachers explore the Marcus Rashford book, The Breakfast Club Adventures in the classroom. Source: KS2 English | Marcus Rashford – … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Mark Twain on Reading

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‘My spelling isn’t that great’: Michael Morpurgo on why teaching kids to love writing is more important than grammar | The Guardian

The author, poet and playwright on why we should move away from Michael Gove-mandated lessons on fronted adverbials and back to unleashing the creative potential of children. Read the article … Continue reading

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The Melancholy Decline of the Semicolon | The Post

Lancaster’s linguists believe that the end of the semicolon, along with shrinking sentence lengths in novels, is a reflection of a society addicted to social media. The shift, commented Justin … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: How to Live a Thousand Lives

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How to Raise a Reader | The Art of Manliness

A recent survey by the National Assessment of Educational Progress found that reading for pleasure among kids is at an all-time low.  The decline is likely attributed to the increased … Continue reading

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3 Secrets of Fantastic Writing Instruction | Brain Waves Instruction

I like to spend a class period or two devoted to giving students an opportunity to determine a topic and begin to plan out their first draft.  It’s important to … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Libraries and Literacy

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Lesson Exit Prompts | Literacy in Focus

A simple series of prompts to help you design effective plenary sessions for your lessons from Literacy in Focus. Please share any particularly successful prompts you use to end and … Continue reading

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The School Newspaper… with an online twist!

In an increasingly sterile knowledge-based curriculum, the school newspaper provides an opportunity for pupils to write creatively, purposefully and for an audience whilst embracing skills such as collaboration and teamwork … Continue reading

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Vocabulary Ninja

Vocabulary Ninja provides a wide variety of high-quality products and systems that help to support pupils, teachers and schools. Visit the website here: Vocabulary Ninja – The Home of High-Quality … Continue reading

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4 Reading Strategies to Retire This Year (Plus 6 to Try Out!) | Edutopia

A look at a few popular literacy practices that shouldn’t make the cut – along with fresh strategies that experienced teachers and literacy experts recommend instead. As students return to … Continue reading

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Why We Remember More by Reading – Especially Print – Than From Audio or Video | The Conversation

There is growing evidence that people tend to think of digital media as entertainment, so they devote less mental effort than when they’re reading a printed book. So what does … Continue reading

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Children read more challenging books in lockdowns | The Guardian

A new report on reading habits of more than one million children also finds they read longer books, particularly during school closures. The annual What Kids Are Reading report from … Continue reading

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Recovering from lockdown: Five tips to boost your child’s vocabulary

There is growing evidence that the lockdown has had an impact on young children’s language skills, according to research seen exclusively by BBC News. Assistant head teacher Victoria Day is … Continue reading

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Dear Gavin Williamson, teenagers use mobile phones. Get with the times | The Guardian

Author and broadcaster Michael Rosen has a few things to say to the education secretary… Why not applaud the explosion of literacy in texts and posts? Better to welcome rather … Continue reading

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Five words that don’t mean what you think they do |

How words are used change over time and insisting that their original meaning be adhered to is pretty silly… Find out more here: Five words that don’t mean what you … Continue reading

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So you think you know more grammar than your children? | BBC Radio 4

Test your knowledge with our user-friendly quiz based on Year 6 SATs-style questions. Take the quiz here: So you think you know more grammar than your children? | BBC Radio … Continue reading

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Why Teachers May Want to Try Writing as a Hobby | Edutopia

Engaging in writing—whether fiction or nonfiction—has immense benefits, including improved critical thinking and better memory. Whether you’re interested in beginning or you’re reworking your life as a writer, you might … Continue reading

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Play-Based Activities That Build Preschool Students’ Reading Readiness | Edutopia

Preschool teachers can use these activities to promote six early reading skills even as the kids enjoy themselves. Read the article here: Play-Based Activities That Build Preschool Students’ Reading Readiness … Continue reading

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Virtual library gives children in England free book access | BBC News

Children in England will be able to access books online free during school closures via a virtual library. Internet classroom Oak National Academy created the library after schools moved to remote learning … Continue reading

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Dialogue Generator

Free creative writing exercises and prompts, from The aim of these writing prompts is to help with dialogue writing. This can be useful for narrative writing. When you click … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Today a Reader…

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Word Of The Day: Jargogle

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Thought For The Day: The Word Quest

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Thought For The Day: Exercise for the Mind

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If We Want Bookworms, We Need to Get Beyond Leveled Reading | Edutopia

When it comes to nurturing kids’ love of reading, research suggests variety, choice—and encouragement to stretch—can make a difference. Matching kids with “just right” books—texts they can read comfortably—has been … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Reading is Allowed

A fundamental of literacy, oracy, self-confidence and critical thinking.

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Home Schooling During the Virus? Reading: the Low Cost, High Impact Activity for Children

Of all the activities you could be encouraging your child to take part in during the enforced school closures, the highest impact, and low-cost one is reading. You may be … Continue reading

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