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Critical Child Development Sequences and Milestones, via Charlotte Davies

I have long taken an interest in the posts of Charlotte Davies. Her specialism is in cognitive and development issues and the impact of underdevelopment on the potential of young … Continue reading

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Work Stress: How the 42% Rule Could Help You Recover from Burnout

If you feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, you could be suffering from burnout. Try applying this scientifically approved formula to your daily routine to see if it could help ease … Continue reading

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How to Perform Well Under Pressure | Psyche Guides

Ditch the tough talk, it won’t help. Instead cultivate your mental flexibility so you can handle whatever comes your way… Psychologists have seen that the more you try to block … Continue reading

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Shift Your Vibe! 60 Quick Ways to Make Yourself Slightly Happier | The Guardian

Things feeling a bit stale? These small tweaks to your routine will turn things around, boost your mood and could even make you a better person… Find them here: Shift … Continue reading

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Empathy Is The Most Important Leadership Skill According To Research | Forbes #EmpathyDay

You always knew demonstrating empathy is positive for people, but new research demonstrates its importance for everything from innovation to retention. Leaders don’t have to be experts in mental health … Continue reading

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Interoceptive Input and Sensory Processing Disorder

This issue is beyond my expertise and experience, but I include it to show how our growing understanding of the science and neuroscience of life and learning has the ability … Continue reading

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Is Our Definition of Burnout All Wrong? |

A term suggesting rock bottom stops meaning rock bottom when we’re all there and, somehow, still going. Is our definition of burnout all wrong? The thing that made me wonder … Continue reading

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Low Self-Esteem: The Impact of Thoughts and Thinking Styles | The Skill Collective

Is your unhelpful self-talk dragging your self-esteem down? When all you’re hearing is negative press about yourself, is it any wonder that your self-esteem suffers? The Skill Collective considers the … Continue reading

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How School Leaders Can Build Realistic Optimism This Year | Edutopia

Amid the challenges of the past two years, a superintendent shares the four-step process he used to step back from his breaking point. …it seems we’ve all hit what feels … Continue reading

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5 Ways School Leaders Can Work to Prevent Teacher Burnout | Edutopia

Retaining teachers can be a challenge, especially now, but focusing on making the workload more manageable helps. Effective leaders understand that added pressure with no added purpose will simply lead … Continue reading

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Get Set with Radio 1 | Canvas

Adrienne Herbert, wellness professional and host of Get Set with Radio 1, shares five of her top tips for maintaining mental fitness and resilience as you take on new challenges … Continue reading

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Quit Lying to Yourself | The Atlantic

Real happiness starts with telling yourself the truth, even when it hurts. These self-lies delay the changes we need to make, and abet our lies to others. In fact, self-deception … Continue reading

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How to Create a Mindful Space for Self-Regulation | Edutopia

Setting aside a quiet room for students who need time and strategies to regulate their emotions helps them return to class feeling ready to learn. Students can access the Brave … Continue reading

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How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome at Work | The Asana Blog

Get tips on how to overcome imposter syndrome from Owen O’Kane, a psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience in physical and mental health. Whether we know it or not, … Continue reading

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Work Mental Health + Performance | The Skill Collective

Research into the productivity costs of poor mental health on the workplace, as well as findings into the return on investment into mental health, build a case for the importance … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Emotional Resilience and Mental Health in Schools

Many moons ago, when our children were due to be born, Jane and I attended National Childbirth Trust classes. Our mentor used to set aside some quiet time in the … Continue reading

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World Mental Health Day | Burnout | The Skill Collective

Burnout – it’s a feeling that we have probably experienced at some point in our lives. But what exactly is it, and what’s the difference between stress, burnout, and depression? Find … Continue reading

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The Skill Collective Resource Library

Get access to an entire library of free resources on well-being, mental health, and performance. Find it here: The Skill Collective Resource Library

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Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace the Small World Rule to Achieve Huge Goals |

The small world rule is an emotionally intelligent way to stay the course when you feel overworked, overwhelmed, and close to giving up. What had once sounded fun had become … Continue reading

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6 Must-Watch TEDx Talks to Kick Off the School Year | Edutopia

In less than 20 minutes each, these six brilliant TEDx Talks explore topics like chronic exhaustion, cultural identity, and emotional intelligence, among others. Via: 6 Must-Watch TEDx Talks to Kick … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Take a Real Break This Summer | Edutopia

Some teachers turn downtime into a professional learning opportunity, but unplugging from work has a lot of value. Find out more here: 4 Ways to Take a Real Break This … Continue reading

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Self-harm warning signs can appear decade earlier | BBC Health

Early warning signs of self-harm can appear in children almost a decade before it starts, say researchers. The team at the University of Cambridge found two distinct groups that were … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Coronavirus vs the Work/Life Balance

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Teens, tech and mental health: Oxford study finds no link | BBC News

There remains “little association” between technology use and mental-health problems, a study of more than 430,000 10 to 15-year-olds suggests. The Oxford Internet Institute compared TV viewing, social-media and device … Continue reading

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What the Pandemic Is Doing to Our Brains | The Atlantic

We have been doing this so long, we’re forgetting how to be normal. I’ve started keeping a list of questions, remnants of a past life that I now need a … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day: Feeling Overwhelmed?

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Soundscapes for Wellbeing | Canvas

A BBC collaboration bringing virtual soundscapes of nature and of music directly to audiences: Soundscapes for Wellbeing | Canvas

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Parents’ Toolkit | BBC Bitesize

Resources hand-picked by BBC Bitesize: Parents’ Toolkit | BBC Bitesize

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